Police: Drunken driver flees

Reed, 23, accused of driving car off road while intoxicated.
Courtney Astolfi
Oct 26, 2013


A Collins man was arrested Wednesday afternoon after his car ran off the road and he allegedly tried to flee the scene.

Anthony Reed, 23, of the 2000 block of Hartland Center Road, was charged with hit-skip and operating a vehicle under the influence.

At about 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, Reed was driving west on Ohio 113 East when his Ford F-350 went off the right side of the road and struck a street sign, according to an Erie County deputy’s report.

The truck swerved back onto the pavement, veered off the road’s right side yet again, then spun around and landed backward in a yard, the report said.

Despite the truck’s rear passenger-side tire blowing out during the crash, Reed fled the scene west and drove into Milan, Erie County Sheriff Paul Sigsworth said.

Milan officers pulled him over as he was driving into the village, Sigsworth said.

Inside the truck, officers found Reed drinking from an open bottle of whiskey, Sigsworth said.

As officials carted him away, Reed allegedly became belligerent and threatened to “kick everybody’s (expletive).” Inside the cruiser, he started banging his head on a plastic divider, Sigsworth said.

Reed was taken to the Erie County jail and held overnight on $8,000 bond.



Any relation pooh?


Doubtful...probably related to Sparkle from Sandumpy !


probably related to alcoholics. runs in families you know.


Thank goodness he didn't kill or hurt someone. Needs to get his life in order!!!

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I thought it may have been the accident at Mason and RT250 last night that had the street lights out, there were flares and three state highway cars. Ironically the one officer directing traffic could not even be seen until I was about 50 feet from him. He was buried it the WAY TOO BRIGHT BLUE LED LIGHTS. When you going to tone those things down, after some officers get killed?

Señor Clown

I've noticed this too. In an effort to increase visibility of the patrol cars, they've made it awfully difficult to see anything else...