Vermilion police still seeking vandals

Vermilion officials upped the ante to catch whoever’s responsible for a late-night vandalism rampage.
Andy Ouriel
Oct 26, 2013


About a month ago, an unknown person launched a crusade against public and private property, destroying several streetsigns, mailboxes, fences and even boats.

The incidents, reported Sept. 28, resulted in damages costing several thousand dollars.

Vandalism in Vermilion on Sept. 28
LIBERTY AVENUE- Red flowers located in planter boxes damaged. ‚!“No parking anytime”sign removed, located elsewhere.

PORTAGE DRIVE- White picket fence knocked over. ‚ Two “no parking” signs placed on private property. ‚ Mailbox damaged, mailbox door removed from private residence. ‚ Traffic sign placed in front yard of home. ‚ Fence damaged.

LINWOOD PARK- Fence damaged in several areas, including many metal poles broken. Two kayaks placed in the lake, with one becoming swamped. A small sailboat pushed to the water’s edge. Picnic table overturned.

LINDEN STREET- Flower planters and benches knocked over toward First Street.

COMFORT STATION- Men’s bathroom destroyed.

“It appears to me there was some intoxicated person in the downtown area, and they went on a vandalism spree through town,” Vermilion police Chief Chris Hartung said. “They caused a substantial amount of damage. This is not something we commonly have.”

The crimes prompted Vermilion council to offer a reward of up to $1,000 for anyone who could provide information leading to a conviction.

Vermilion police commanders, meanwhile, continue to pursue leads.

Anyone with information is asked to contact police at 440-204-2440.


From the Grave

Must have been those dastardly Amish.

Julie R.

If Vermilion didn't have such an unprofessional police chief that sits around his office writing satire on the taxpayers dime, maybe he wouldn't need the assistance of the citizens to help him catch these vandals.

(and just think ---- Sandusky fired the police chief Kim Nuesse for ..... for ..... I forgot. What DID they fire her for, anyway? I don't believe the rent-a-judges ever really said, did they?)


they fired her for being a woman. that is not allowed on the police force.

Señor Clown

It could be anybody, but after reading "Men's bathroom destroyed," I'd be inclined to check surveillance footage from area Mexican restaurants.


My gawd Julie R. The Nuesse rhetoric is really getting annoying. Move on!