Man assaulted at Jackson, Market streets

Officers recover brick possibly used in assault
Sandusky Register Staff
Oct 26, 2013


An assault in downtown Sandusky early Saturday morning left one man with severe injuries to his face, witnesses said.

Witnesses at the corner of Jackson and Market streets said a group of people were arguing at about 2 a.m. — the reason, unknown — when some folks started assaulting the man. The victim hopped into a white SUV and fled the scene. 

Police scanner traffic indicated an assault victim quickly showed up at the hospital emergency room seeking treatment. Officers could not immediately confirm if the man at the ER was the victim in the downtown assault.

Near a trash can at the corner of Jackson and Market streets, officers recovered a brick that may have been used to bludgeon the man.


From the Grave

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Reminds me of the man from Bellevue who was nearly killed in Sandusky by someone who beat him with a brick. I heard he is now on disability because of the injuries he suffered a couple of years back. Again, what is this world coming to?

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Teanagers wanting into a gang had to kill a white man! Sorry for him, I bet they are out and back on the street making good citizens!


Where do you get that bs at?


Maybe the brick came from the Keller building.


TOLD you the Keller Building would eventually hurt or kill somebody! Tear the building down once and for all, and let's have a serious discussion about common sense brick control while we're at it.