32 charged in heroin sweep

Thirty-two people have been charged in a federal-state sweep against suspected heroin traffickers in lakefront communities in northeast Ohio.
Associated Press
Oct 24, 2013


Law-enforcement officials announced the bust Wednesday involving suspects who call themselves the Lakeshore Boyz Gang, operating in Cleveland and Euclid.

The charges include heroin trafficking counts against three suspects charged in federal court and 29 facing trial in state courts.

Prosecutors say many alleged heroin sales took place within 1,000 yards of a school, increasing the possible sentence.



Well, it's a start. The Feds need to look to the west of Cleveland along the shore all the way to Toledo, paying close attention to Erie and Ottawa counties.


Huron county also more than erie and ottawa.

Señor Clown

Lakeshore Boyz. That's a criminal enterprise with a name that implies fear and intimidation without saying a thing...


And south thru Willard to Columbus!


wish they would have posted names