Police: Men stole animal tranquilizers

Detectives seek third suspect involved in veterinarian office break-in.
Jessica Cuffman
Oct 24, 2013


With the public’s help, Bellevue police have nabbed a man accused of breaking into a veterinarian’s office and stealing animal tranquilizers.

Officers are now asking for more information in solving a total of five robberies this past month.

The first two burglary attempts at Bellevue Animal Hospital on West Main Street in September left the business ransacked. The burglars tried to break into a safe unsuccessfully, although police suspect the culprits still made off with an animal tranquilizer taken from a refrigerator, Bellevue police Detective Eric Burt said.

In the weeks that followed, burglars twice targeted Countryvue Animal Hospital on Castalia Street. The business owners installed a security system, catching the two suspects on video.

With help from the public, the police posted the video. Within hours they identified Kyle Strong, 24, of Bellevue. They tracked him down and charged him with breaking and entering, theft and theft of a dangerous drug connected with the last break-in at Countryvue.

Information from a confidential informant also led police to Chad Pelton, 29, of the 100 block of Brinker Street. Detectives obtained a warrant to search the home, finding items linking Pelton to the first two break-ins at Countryvue. He was charged with receiving stolen property.

Police are still trying to identify a third suspect recorded on video — a man with a ponytail who was seen with Strong as they tried to break into the safe at Countryvue. The video is posted to the Bellevue Police Department’s Facebook page.

Strong and his unidentified partner are accused of taking animal tranquilizers and animal sedatives, using some and selling others.

To finish up the case, detectives said they need help from the public in piecing together additional information and identifying the third suspect. The Bellevue police number is 419-483-4444.



Why would someone want a tranquilizer?

pigeon farmer

I hope they were making krocodil.

Truth or Dare

Well Momma, if it's PCP or something like that, maybe they want to lace their pot or cigarettes with it, or just flat out crush it and snort it, or even mainline it. In humans, it causes hallucinations, delusional thinking, aggressive behaviour and other not so lovely side effects. It's also very addictive and has been outlawed for use w/humans since the 60's.


Thank you Truth... I had no clue or idea. Then again why would I want to have a clue about that. Sounds like a terrible high to me.

2cents's picture

You know you can buy a simple full size gun safe for under a grand, bolt it to the floor and most of that would stop!


It's Special K they are stealing. It's like pcp when taken in large doses

nosey rosey

Can we euthanize them since they want to be treated like animals?