Report: Woman’s ex smashed her car

A Sandusky woman suspects an angry ex is to blame for her severely damaged car.
Sandusky Register Staff
Oct 23, 2013


The woman left her 2013 Honda Civic parked outside the Shell gas station on Main Street Thursday night while she worked her shift at the attached car wash, according to a Huron police report. When she took out the trash at about 10:50 p.m., her car was undamaged.

When she emerged from the business again 35 minutes later, the vehicle was hardly recognizable.

The front windshield and the rear and side windows had all been smashed, and the side mirror was snapped off. The taillights were also broken, the report said. An ice pick had also been wedged into a tire rim, and blood was spattered on various parts of the vehicle.

The woman told police she suspects her ex-boyfriend is to blame, as he’s currently facing charges for a similar incident, the report said. Officers collected samples of the blood for possible DNA testing, the report said.



If there was that much damage wouldn't she have heard something going on and come out and investigated it? Just seems a little strange and don't most gas stations have those close circuit cameras all over the place? Again something seems a little off here.

Good 2 B Me

I agree. Thought exactly the same thing as I read this.

Good 2 B Me

Wonder how long she was 'Taking the trash out.' Cameras ought to show that.


Geeze I wish I could afford a 2013 Civic with a car wash job.


Maybe she works more than one job


Oh yeah! She's working it!

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Strange? It is a small place with just a driveway in the rear, when I fuel there the employees typically parked out front by the street? That time it could not be that loud unless someone took advantage of a passing trains noise to do such a thing!


Isn't this the gas station next to the train tracks? The trains go past there at least every 10-15 minutes so any noises may not have been heard depending on where she was in the store!
Don't be quick to judge if u don't know anything!

Good 2 B Me

Don't be so quick to defend if you don't know anything!


so some of you think she smashed up her own car just to blame her ex-boyfriend. yeah, sure. if they have cameras I'm sure he'll be caught but they probably don't have them covering all areas so it may be a hopeless case. in any event, hope she has insurance! oh, and if she lives at home with mom she can afford a 2013 car on a car wash job.


I'm not saying that she smashed up her own car and who cares what kind of car she has or who she lives with. I'm just saying that it seems odd that she wouldn't hear something going on when she's inside the building that her car is next to. I hope that they do catch whoever did it, NO MATTER WHO did it!!!

Julie R.

If this is the Shell next to Jim's Pizza Box and she parked in the back, which I assume she probably would have, she wouldn't have been able to hear anything if she was in the front of the station, especially if a train was going by. Too bad whoever did it didn't do it when a cop was driving by.

Good 2 B Me


Could not afford 2013 car.
Smashed the doo-doo out of it for Insurance.
Filed Police report to get even with ex.


Insurance Fraud, Repo and a false Police report.

Let's wait and see...


If she found damage the first time out...why wait 35 minutes more for it to hardly recognizable? Why not call the cops when she found it taking out the trash?


It says the car was undamaged when she took the trash out and then she went out 35 min later and it was hardly recognizable.

Stop It

Lottsa crystal balls out and it isn't even All Hallows Eve yet.

Chances are, there will be no follow up report. That's just using odds....