Teen charged with OVI after crash

A Sandusky teen was arrested Saturday night for allegedly trying to flee the scene after his vehicle struck two vehicles near Cleveland Road.
Courtney Astolfi
Oct 22, 2013


The 16-year-old West Strub Road boy was charged with operating a vehicle under the influence, failure to yield the rightof-way during a left turn, leaving a crash scene and failure to control a vehicle on private property.

The teen was driving a Pontiac G6 north on Remington Avenue when at about 8:30 p.m. he tried to turn left onto Cleveland Road, into the path of an oncoming car, according to a police report. The car collided into the boy’s Pontiac, causing significant damage.

The boy then tried to flee the area, in the process backing his vehicle into another car. A witness told police the boy drove into the Bayshore Estates complex, where the witness blocked in the teen’s vehicle to keep him from leaving, the report said.

Officers arrived at the scene and soon noticed a smell of marijuana while they questioned the boy. The boy told police his friends had been smoking marijuana at a party he just left, the report said.

The boy failed sobriety tests at the scene, and he provided a urine sample for chemical analysis, the report said.

Officers issued the child his citations and took him to the Erie County Juvenile Justice Center.



The child?????? Please, if he's old enough to drive, let's just call him a teen.

my oh my

OMG a Perkins Twp teen in trouble with the law.That's almost unheard of NOT....Put him away until he's 21....


Till he's 21 really lol so ignorant


hey I got my license! let's go get a 12 pack and drive around! oh heck yeah!