Pa. couple arrested for alleged burglary

A Pennsylvania couple was arrested Sunday morning after a Huron Avenue business was burglarized.
Courtney Astolfi
Oct 22, 2013


Jason Raygor, 31, and Elizabeth Tamilin, 22, both of Erie, Pa., were charged with attempted breaking and entering and possession of criminal tools. Raygor landed additional charges of no driver’s license, marijuana possession and drug paraphernalia.

Sandusky police were dispatched to Kali-Daze, in the 400 block of Huron Ave., at about 5 a.m. in response to a call from a nearby resident who heard a glass door shatter. When officers arrived, they spotted Raygor and Tamilin in a Pontiac G6 headed out of a nearby alley, the report said.

They stopped the vehicle and questioned the pair. Inside the car, officers found a metal chisel covered in paint chips, with the paint color matching the damaged door.

They also found a jar of marijuana, a glass pipe and a grinder, the report said.

The store’s owner said he would retrieve surveillance footage for officers to review.

Raygor and Tamilin were taken to the Erie County jail, but they were released at about 5:30 p.m. Monday after posting 10 percent of their $10,000 bonds.



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Good job to the citizen and cops for catching these two! But how does the judge let them out by posting 10% of the 10k? O'Brien doesn't allow locals to pay 10% on Felonies so why did he allow people from PA to do it?
These two are gone now and will never return.


I dint know what you did to O'brien, but he lets allmost everyone out for 10%, and most of the time a bondsman will even take 5% and payments on the rest.