2,000-pound cable stolen from resort

Scrap metal thieves made off with a hefty haul last week from Sawmill Creek Resort.
Sandusky Register Staff
Oct 22, 2013


Friday morning an employee learned a large steel cable had been stolen from the site of the former “golf dome,” according to a Huron police report.

The cable had been unearthed by workers about a month prior and left stacked at the end of the facility’s driveway.

Workers estimate the cable’s weight at 2,000 pounds, and it was coated in white vinyl. Sandusky Steel employees previously told resort workers the cable would be more valuable if used in the construction industry, rather than turning it in for face value, the report said.

As of Friday afternoon, no one had tried to scrap the metal at Sandusky Steel.



I am confused..wasn't the former "golf dome" on Sawmill Parkway (street across from Arby's, Cantelli's, near former Homberger Trucking terminal)? If I remember correctly, that is not even located near Sawmill Creek Resort.


Yes I like you was thinking where was there a golf dome at Sawmill Creek Resort. Yeah, remember it was on Sawmill Parkway. As I remember it got a tear in the lining and it collapsed. Think City of Huron Recreation at one time rented parts/times in the dome for activities. Story after collapse was from the City of Huron the owner was going to fix it and blow it back up. Ended up too expensive to fix and the place was left to rust away. Obviously, somebody knew the cable existed and saw value in that. Also it says Huron Police were investigating they have no jurisdiciton at Sawmill Creek Resort for that is in Huron Township and there the Erie County Sheriff is the law enforcement agency.

Darwin's choice

I think they meant the Sawmill Parkway, not Sawmill Creek.....


We're suppose to believe what this rag prints when they can't get a story as simple as this correct ? I know, I know everyone makes mistakes.... Roll on, roll on....


No how about Sawmill Creek Resort now owns the property....... ugh so simple ppl.... but I know this because I just do.....


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