Scrap metal thieves ignore warnings

Sandusky police are investigating another in a string of thefts of scrap metal.
Sandusky Register Staff
Oct 20, 2013


Matthew Koch, owner of Kelko Products on George Street, reported Friday morning two men had stolen 2,400 pounds of scrap steel worth $312.

An employee of the business saw the men racing away in a black Mercury Mariner with heavy damage to the front windshield. That same vehicle was seen Wednesday on Campbell Street, where two men were removing scrap metal.

Sandusky police told the men to put the items back and gave them their second warning for stealing scrap metal.

A paper belonging to one of those men was found in the area of the theft at Kelko Products.

The Register is not naming the suspects because they have not been charged.


Dwight K.

I've seen a car just like that on Venice road..looked like someone shot windshield with a cannon

T. A. Schwanger


There was also an attempt at stealing copper piping from the Sandusky Bay Pavilion this past week. When vandals found out the new fixtures did not include copper piping, they stole handicapped and emergency exit lighting. Guess they had to steal something.

Another reason to get along with a Master Plan to open visual access to the facility from Water Street.


Or sell it to someone with the necessary money to develop it.

Dwight K.

That's just low something needs to happen


While I in no way condone theft, the Esmond Dairy lot has been in the process of demolition for over 4 months and hasn't been touched by the conractor in one month. There are piles of scrap just sitting out in the open. This site needs to get cleaned up ASAP.


The police gave them their second warning for stealing scrap metal?? Why weren't these guys charged with it the first time? That might have stopped them from taking a chance on doing it again. At least it would have me. Not sure this is a real good move on anyone's part here

Simple Enough II

Had the same thought.


A second warning? For THEFT? I get a warning for running a stop sign or something. But even with something usually so minor, you get a ticket the next time you do it! How is it that these men weren't arrested and charged with theft the FIRST time around let alone the SECOND?

Let me get this straight, Sandusky Police: Are you saying I can do whatever I want at least twice before I get in any trouble for it? No? Funny, because that's obviously what you're telling THESE guys!


I agree. How do u get a WARNING twice for STEALING? It was my understanding that THEFT was against the law & that you got ARRESTED for doing it! What's going on in this area?


Because most people allow them to pick through their trash and take the little bit of metal that they were not going to save or scrap themselves, however that is slightly different from stealing a ton of metal that you know you are not allowed to be taking...

2cents's picture

Yes a ton! that is one bad boy Mariner : )

SoldOnAcorns do you load a ton of scrap metal ? There is no way it goes into the back of an SUV without the shocks or tires blowing out. If they had a did they load it ? If it wasn't by hand they would obviously need a fork lift to pick it up. One does not load a ton of metal scrap that quickly. Someone at Kelko knows more than what they are telling imo.


If the owner of the scrap does not wish to pursue the crime or cooperate with the police, there is not a charge of theft. It is that simple and yes it does happen!

It is not always the police departments fault on why people are not charged.

I do not know the facts of this case, but this could be an issue.


give them some lead