Woman accused of stealing elderly woman’s purse

A Fremont woman accused of stealing an elderly woman’s purse and running up her credit cards was picked up Thursday on a felony warrant.
Sandusky Register Staff
Oct 19, 2013


Cynthia Alexander, 28, was indicted by a Sandusky County grand jury in June for the April 19 incident.

She admitted to Fremont police she took the 77-year-old woman’s purse off the counter at her baby sitter’s home when she went to pick up her children, according to a police report. Within a day, she racked up more than $700 in charges.

Police tracked Alexander down by tracing the last charge she made, at a Fremont motel where she had checked in with someone the night before.

The grand jury ultimately indicted her on charges of theft from the elderly, misuse of credit cards and forgery. Friday afternoon she was still listed as an inmate in the Sandusky County jail.



Grow up and get a job...what a LOSER. My question is HOW in the He!! could she use the credit cards??? My mother in law wanted to buy my kids clothes for homecoming....she hands me her JCPenney card. I could NOT use it! I have her last name. I had her SON with me. I explained what we were doing....BUT DID NOT HAVE AN ID with matching name and photo....was NOT allowed to use it! Having worked retail, I understood and didn't make a scene. Not worth it. But in this day and age of identity theft and everything else the stores and other places that allowed this THEIF to use the cards without ID should be held to some degree of responsibility also.


I agree ladydye_5. I have not signed the back of my cards. Instead, I wrote "check ID". Rarely do I get checked. I ask the clerks why they didn't check it and they say "we trust you". I often ask them what makes them think this is me? They have no answers. Every card should be checked. A few years ago a female friend of mine with a very female name got her purse stolen. A man used her cards multiple times. I just don't get it.


My husband has CHECK ID on his also....it is a toss of the coin if he is asked too. In less than a year, my husband and I both were victims of identity theft. It happens more and more. You would think they would check ID EVERYTIME. Start making stores and businesses accountable for some of the crime.


They won't check your ID if you swipe the credit card(s) yourself... Like at Target or Walmart or anywhere that has a credit card scanner that you swipe yourself. They do not check ID.. Store Policies!


I can't even tell you the last time that I was checked for my ID when using a card anywhere.


It would be impossible to make businesses accountable and there probably are clauses to that effect somewhere regarding your use of credit cards at their establishments. I think it's better to not use credit cards at all and then you don't have to worry about them being stolen.

Julie R.

When are these ignorant low-life d-bags going to realize if you want to criminally defraud the elderly in Erie County, you need to have the criminal assistance of attorneys and financial institutions. When you do it that way, the courts will not only give you a pat on the back and a great big smoochy wet kiss, they'll even help you steal more!


It doesn't matter whether you sign your card or not (I don't), or write "check ID" on it or not (I do). At too many stores, you run your OWN credit card through the system. The cashier never sees it. As a result, I keep a VERY close eye on those cards!

As for checking ID and matching signatures, I agree that's a helpful and good thing to do. But interestingly enough, when I thanked a cashier who DID check my ID, she thanked me for thanking her! She told me that some people got MAD at her for checking (and they weren't criminals). If you're in such a hurry that making sure you're not committing fraud — and more important to you, someone's not defrauding YOU — is "inconvenient," maybe you shouldn't be out shopping.

Julie R.

The real ugly soul trash in Erie County don't target the elderly that are competent and out shopping. Instead, they target the ones that are seriously ill and totally incompetent, the ones they know will never be competent again, the ones they know are literally on their death beds.

AJ Oliver

Ms. Julie, your first comment was spot on !! Read Rivlen's "Broke U.S.A.". It will make your blood boil.

2cents's picture

"she had checked in with someone the night before."

Hey! She was going to work, you know, shack up with some dude to pop out another unwanted baby to increase her welfare income.


It sounds like she's hooker. Bet this ain't her first time stealing Credit cards.