Police make domestic violence arrest

Drunken man threatened sister, loaded shotgun, stabbed wall with knife.
Courtney Astolfi
Oct 18, 2013


A Groton Township man was arrested Wednesday at his Billings Road home after he allegedly used a firearm while intoxicated and threatened a family member.

Caleb White, 21, of the 600 block of Billings Road, was charged with using a weapon while intoxicated and domestic violence.

Erie County deputies went to his family’s home at 1 p.m., after a relative noticed him behaving strangely, according to a deputy’s report.

White’s sister was arguing with him about his drinking, and she told him to go to bed. White did so but came downstairs a short while later and told her, “You are going to end up getting strangled in your sleep, and I’m going to be the one doing it,” the report said.

White’s mother then went into a room to find her son in the process of loading a shotgun, the report said. When White realized the gun wasn’t working — he loaded the shells in the wrong direction — he picked up a large knife, held it to his wrist then stabbed a wall, the report said.

He was taken to Firelands Regional Medical Center for an evaluation, then handed over to the Erie County jail, where he remains without bond.



He doesn't need an evaluation. Drunk is drunk. Put him away until he grows up. He must still be living with mommy. Grow a set, get a job and contribute to society. So tired of these stories.

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Yep, mommy, boot this clown out of the house. Time for him to find a job and get his own place if he wants to act like a fool. What a joke he is when drunk.


Instant a$$hole = just add alcohol.


Awe, that's cute. It's soo easy to pass judgment when sitting behind a computer screen, huh? Considering I'm the SISTER in this article, I think I know a little bit about the real story. Maybe you guys should take a look at yourselves before making comments based on half-a$$ed reporting skills. You don't need alcohol to be a prick..just look at you fine upstanding citizens.


No, you don't need alcohol to be violent or a jerk...but it sure helps some people to do so!

I'm sorry that your brother did what he did (and probably scared you and your mom while he was at it), but please, PLEASE don't fall into the battered wife trap: "But I LOOooooove him!" Yes, I'm sure you love your brother. Yes, I'm sure you recognize this as the mistake that it was. No, nobody was hurt. But that doesn't mean it won't happen again, and it doesn't mean that next time somebody WON'T be hurt!

The best way to love somebody like this is to insist that there are repercussions. In this case, it looks like there will be. So now your job is to support your brother as he LEARNS from his mistakes -- just like the rest of us are supposed to try to do.


So. There was no alcohol? He wasn't behaving badly? He didn't threaten you? The cops weren't called? He didn't try and load a shotgun while drunk?

he said she said

@fiery I can understand you wanting to stand up for your brother but when it comes to doing what he did, i.e. the knife to his wrist and the wrongly loaded shotgun, maybe you should put your energy in another way to help him. Stand up for your brother and get him help to drink less or stop completely. People that drink to intoxication do not have the right mindset to make a decision on their own and most of the time they don't think about what will happen in the end. What would have happened if he was able to cut his wrists or load the shotgun properly? I see an end that would not be a good one for him or your family.


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The Answer Person

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Someone buy that kid a razor


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