Woman kept marijuana in sock

A Sandusky woman was arrested Tuesday afternoon when officers caught her with several bags of marijuana.
Sandusky Register Staff
Oct 17, 2013


Linda Edington, 31, 2000 block E. Forest Drive, was arrested for trafficking in drugs, tampering with evidence and drug abuse.

Huron County deputies and Sandusky police went to Edington’s home at 2 p.m. to serve her a bench warrant for failure to pay child support in Huron County, according to a police report.

Edington was standing outside her house, but she darted inside when officers arrived, the report said. When officers approached the door and told her about the warrant, she pulled a stuffed sock from her shirt, handing that and a pack of cigarettes to a relative, the report said.

Inside the sock, officers found nine wrapped bags of marijuana, which Edington immediately said was for her personal use, the report said. She was taken to the Erie County jail.





Another beauty


Another beauty


Pay your child support lady, your kids need the money more than you need to smoke weed.


This stuff is happening way too often around here lately.


well see, she's selling the weed to pay her child support because she can't get a job because she fails the drug tests all the time....

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The Hero Zone

I thought mary janes were a type of shoe...


Must be a new gimmick to make Skunk weed smell stronger. "Hey man you gotta try this stuff, It smells to high heaven"

G George I du kno

What a winner this is! Why wait for the cops to come to the door before ditchin your stash?

Stop It

Bugs Bunny to Pete the Puma, "How many lumps do you want?"...