Mom wants daughter charged for taking car

A Sandusky girl could face felony theft charges for taking her mother’s car without permission.
Sandusky Register Staff
Oct 17, 2013


A Market Street resident went to Sandusky police at 1 p.m. Monday to report her car as stolen.

The woman told police she usually hides her car keys because she’s had problems with her daughter taking the car, but on Monday she left the keys in her purse. She awoke to discover the car and her daughter missing, the report said.

The girl later admitted she drove her mom’s car to work. Her mother insisted on filing charges against her, so officers provided her the paperwork to start the process.


mimi's word

Not that the daughter should have taken the car but, how old is daughter, did dhe really take it to her job to work or did she go somewhere else? If she really needed ride to work and is otherwise a good kid I think something other than charges should be warrented.

Brick Hamland

calling the police to parent your children seems like a good way to handle the situation... This way your child has a record and will now have a harder time finding a good job. Well done mom! Hopefully you love your daughter because if she is going to be living with you for awhile. On the other hand, kudos to the daughter for getting to work, even if your mom doesn't seem to care if you make it there or not


Ahhhh, but it looks like the daughter has a habit of taking mom's car without permission. Let her get away with it every time and she might take something more than the car. Did she even bother to ask mom to take her to work and how does she get there any other time? I say good for mom in reporting her daughter, instead of letting her get away with theft of a motor vehicle. Daughter works, buy her own car. Does she even have a drivers license? who knows.

G George I du kno

It sounds like a continual problem with the daughter so mom did the right thing. I would assume the daughter is an adult since she went to work during school hours but why wasnt the girl arrested for stealing the car? She admitted she did it and mom is the owner! Life is full of tough lessons Brick!

Julie R.

Mother of the Year.