Deputies shore up burglary investigations

One suspect accused of stealing from grandma, others stole from friends
Courtney Astolfi
Oct 17, 2013


Erie County deputies tied up loose ends on three separate burglaries in recent days, arresting four local residents.

Three of the suspects were already in the Erie County jail for other crimes.

• Kenneth Kollen, 23, of Vermilion, and his alleged accomplice, Daniel Carey, 31, Amherst, were charged with felonious burglary and theft for an Oct. 1 burglary from Kollen’s grandmother’s home on Cleveland Road.

The grandmother told police she returned home to find Kollen and Carey in a rush to leave her driveway, according to a deputy’s report. Inside the home, the woman discovered her laptop and her nephew’s Xbox and games were missing, and she also found a door forced open.

Two days later, investigators interviewed Kollen at the jail, where he copped to the thefts. He told investigators he and Carey pawned the items and used the money for heroin, the report said.

Kollen also admitted to stealing a deposit bag containing $2,000 from Rassi’s Market, the report said. The store’s owner knew the money was missing but was unsure of the particulars. Not until he learned Kollen was allegedly involved did he file a police report.

Kollen and Carey remain in the Erie County jail on $50,000 bond apiece.

• Darrell Moore, 39, of the 7500 block Wahl Road in Vickery, was charged with theft and felonious burglary for allegedly stealing a neon sign in mid-September.

Moore’s neighbor was out of town for several days and returned home to find a “Miller Genuine Draft” sign missing from his kitchen, according to a deputy’s report. The neighbor immediately suspected Moore. He told deputies Moore had forcibly broken into his house many times, and he eventually just gave him a key, the report said.

When deputies interviewed Moore in jail, he admitted to stealing the sign and selling it to someone in Crystal Rock, the report said. Moore said he used the $30 profit to buy heroin. He remains in the Erie County jail on $30,000 bond.

• Janie Ayers, 35, of the 14800 block of Ohio 113 in Wakeman, was charged with felonious theft and burglary for a September burglary of a Tiffin Avenue home.

Ayers allegedly broke into the home Sept. 30, when her friend who lived there was incarcerated, according to a deputy’s report.

The inmate’s brother checked on the property later and found numerous hand tools, a shovel, a rake, clothes, a tire and other items missing, the report said. A neighbor said she saw Ayers stealing the items, and she recognized her from when she lived there previously, the report said.

When deputies interviewed Ayers at the county jail, she admitted to taking the items, although she said she was holding the items for safekeeping while her friend was in jail, the report said.

Ayers remains in jail on $30,000 bond.



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