Chase charges

Sandusky police chase three suspects through neighborhood.
Shawn Foucher
Oct 16, 2013


Sandusky police Officer Michael Schock talks with a 16-year-old Sandusky boy who was arrested Tuesday afternoon at Ogontz and Second streets.

The boy was with two Sandusky men — Jaterius Light, 18, and Tevin Latin, 18 — who were arrested following a lengthy foot chase that started on Perry Street and ended near Ogontz Street.

There was an arrest warrant for Light on charges of complicity to burglary, and he had recently cut off his electronic ankle monitor while on house arrest, police said. All three suspects were charged with obstruction and criminal damaging after Tuesday’s foot chase.

The teen was also wanted on gang charges related to a brawl in August at Fox Run Trail apartments, and there was also an arrest warrant for Latin on obstruction charges.


mimi's word

once again some of the finer things Sandusky has to offer!!!!

The New World Czar

"Gangs, or not gangs"...SR Staff, would you like to retract your editorial viewpoint from the other day?


Time for the Wednesday morning racist posts. LOL. Another fine, upstanding Sanduskian. As for Tevin, this is your first brush with the law as an adult. Do yourself a favor and divest yourself of people like Jaterius. Don't ruin your future by hanging out with these nitwits.



Haha ! Our buddy deertracker had my post with the rap sheet on Chavonne deleted by The Gestapo at SR. All I said was Otay and posted her rap sheet...Guess that was an inflammatory remark ! Lol !


Deertracker did no such thing!



Check out Jaterius' mug shot pic on the Erie County Jail Roster website....Somebody swelled his eye shut for him !


No thanks! Otay?!


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Bugs Bunny fan? Aren't you a bit old for that or are you a perv?


Those pictures are taken on 2nd & Erie Street, not 2nd and Ogontz.


Ah yes, brings to light recent articles and opinion of "they are just kids" and did he have running from the police speed?" I think their parents, if they can find them, should do the time right with the punks as they obviously need to spend more time with them.


WTG LE!!! Keep on putting them ALL away!!


fine citizens.