Teen indicted in August OVI crash

Passenger, 15, sustained serious injuries.
Courtney Astolfi
Oct 11, 2013


An Erie County grand jury has indicted a Vermilion teenager on charges of aggravated vehicular assault, stemming from an August drunken-driving crash that severely injured his passenger.

Jordan Graham, 18, of the 4700 block of Hollyview Drive, was also indicted on charges of operating a vehicle under the influence and tampering with evidence.

Graham was driving a Ford Focus that overturned and slid into a utility pole at Memory Lane and Langfitt Road at about midnight on Aug. 22, according to a Vermilion police report. A 15-year-old girl was a passenger in the vehicle.

Graham later told police he tried to turn while driving 45 mph in a 25 mph zone, but lost control of the vehicle. The girl was partially ejected from the car, and she became trapped under its weight.

Nearby residents who heard the crash went to the scene to help, lifting the car off the girl and pulling her free, the report said.

Graham then stashed three cans of beer in a nearby backyard, the report said.

The girl sustained serious injuries — a fractured pelvis, three fractured vertebrae, a fractured rib, a collapsed lung and a broken finger. She was taken to Cleveland MetroHealth Medical Center.

Graham said he and the girl had been drinking in his car, but he offered no explanation as to why he was on Memory Lane or why he was driving so fast, the report said.

Given the severity of the crash, the grand jury indicted Graham on charges of aggravated vehicular assault. The morning of the crash, he also racked up charges of reckless operation, underage consumption, contributing to the unruliness of a minor, criminal trespassing and operating a vehicle under the influence.

The grand jury added the tampering with evidence charge because Graham allegedly tried to hide the beer cans after the crash.



He forgot why he was on Memory Lane?




yeah and he's too young to be going down Memory Lane but from now on, he'll be doing it more often (while sitting in jail thinking about how he shouldn't have been drinking and driving).


It's nice that he was far more concerned with hiding his beer cans than with helping his obviously injured passenger. What a sterling young man!


Where are the parents? Somewhere making more babies? Drunk off the alcohol they purchased after selling their EBT card? Sound familiar?


Unfortunately this type of thing happens way to often. This young man comes from a great family who lives in my community. They are very present and involved with all of their kids. He is a very respectful young man who is struggling with addiction. A great kid who makes bad choices. What he did was very wrong and he will have to take responsibility for his actions. So if the 15 yr old girlfriend was already on probation for underage consumption (not mentioned here) what type of consequence does she face? Knowing this doesn't make it any better, but her choices also may have contributed in ways we do not know. I hope that they both learn from their mistakes. Also I hope that his parents realize that you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it take a drink.