Daycare worker charged with raping baby

An Ohio daycare worker was arrested on charges of raping a baby after authorities investigating her registered sex offender boyfriend said they found video of an assault on her computer.
Associated Press
Oct 8, 2013


Lorain County Sheriff’s Office documents released Monday say Heather Koon, 25, was arrested Friday at her home in Oberlin, about 35 miles southwest of Cleveland.

The sheriff’s office began investigating Koon on Thursday while checking on her boyfriend, a registered sex offender convicted of pandering child pornography.

Investigators said in a report they found video on Koon’s laptop of her “engaging in sexual conduct with an unknown infant child.”

Koon, who faces two counts of rape, denied the allegations through her attorney and said the video must depict someone else.

Koon is being held on a $2 million bond.




Automatic death sentence.


By firing squad


No no no. An instant death like a firing squad is too good for these kinds of people. I think death by safety pin would be much more suitable.

Tsu Dho Nimh

This makes me want to vomit!


Disgusting. I will never question my decision to be a stay at home mom. Things like this are why.


infant? oh my goodness...what is wrong with people. Hope the baby is okay

Sal Dali

Good grief! These daycare centers do not employ that many people; you would think they would do background checks and know their employee's partners even if it is just through casual work related conversation. That daycare should be held accountable for her actions as well. She is one sick puppy caught on video and saying it isn't her. One can only imagine why she recorded it on video. This woman can say bye bye because she will be going to jail for a long time.


Maybe a parents first clue would be don't trust a daycare center that doesn't even spell KIDS right!

The center is called ABC KIDZ, does anybody remeber Michael Vicks dog fighting kennel name? BAD NEWZ Kennels.

Anybody who thinks that spelling like that is cute, or cool, or professional, is an IDIOT, or a child molester or dog killer.

Good 2 B Me

Death By Parents! No mercy!


"her boyfriend, a registered sex offender convicted of pandering child pornography" We need tougher sex crime laws! Why is this man out on the streets after pandering child pornography!!! They need to be locked in a small room with NOTHING until the day they die.


What? You mean no one is on here, yet, to say how this person made a mistake and criminals and rapists can be "reformed" etc, etc.

Yeah, right.

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P.S. ...and wipe this lowlife off the face of the Earth.

These kind of people are just a waste of air, and other resources.


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I agree, all rapists should be tortured slowly. Quit giving them jail time and start giving them the death penalty. I am so sick of innocent children being assaulted by sicko pedophiles. Where is Dexter when you need him?

Stop It

Would "drawn and quartered" be too out of line?