Man struck in head with brick

A Sandusky man was taken to the hospital Friday afternoon after he was struck in the head with a brick, according to a Sandusky police report.
Sandusky Register Staff
Oct 7, 2013


Christopher McDaniel, 38, offered to drive a woman home from the Sail In bar at about noon Friday, the report said. She had been arguing with a man at the bar, McDaniel told police, but that man left with another woman shortly before McDaniel departed.

On their way home, the woman asked McDaniel to stop at a Reese Street home. He noticed the man and woman who were at the bar and saw the man swing a brick at him, the report said.

McDaniel was unsure of the details, because the head injury made him dizzy, the report said. Officers told McDaniel to call them if he remembered anything else.

Detectives reviewed surveillance tapes, which showed the argument.


Clark W. Griswald

Suck brick kid!


No good deed............


What is wrong with people anymore??????????? This reminds me of the kid that almost killed that Bellevue man because he hit him with a brick. Put the guy that threw the brick in jail. Better yet, hit him in the head with one.


now, now; you're supposed to turn the other brick...uh, cheek.

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That was a loaded situation from the get go! Stopping was a big mistake, way too much emotion to get involved in their personal life. The ride idea was fine just drop her and roll, that unless he had other intentions, you know that alcohol makes people look real hot after 2 AM, oh yea it was noon : )


This isn't even what really happened, I live across from where it took place mr. McDaniel was warned not to get out of his truck, he charged at the other person, then ever was a brick involved, McDaniel threw the first punch. There are 6 witnesses to this, theyshouldof got the right facts, if the kid did hit him w a brick he would b locked up. He hit the guy with fists not a brick.