UPDATED: Osborne Elementary School locked-down, briefly

Police responded to a call near Osborne Elementary School and closed the building briefly Thursday afternoon as they searched for an armed suspect. Building operations were returned to normal at about 2 p.m.
Oct 4, 2013


UPDATE:   Osborne Elementary was placed on lockdown for about an hour Thursday afternoon as police searched the area for three men who were possibly armed.

A Barker Street woman called police at 1 p.m. after she noticed three suspicious men walking outside, according to a Sandusky police report.

The woman said it looked as if one man slid a shotgun down his pants in an attempt to hide it, the report said.

Sandusky and Perkins police and Erie County deputies established a perimeter and searched the area for the suspects. They were unable to locate anyone, although they later learned the suspects may have entered a home in the 600 block of Camp St., the report said.

When officers went to the building, other witnesses told them the men were escaping through a window, Sandusky police Lt. Mike. Campbell said.

Officers continued to search the area but were unable to find them.

Detectives soon descended on the house to process the evidence inside, Sandusky police Detective David West said. Inside they found more than one weapon that did not belong to the homeowner. They also found other items that did not belong to the resident, but police would not say what items they seized.

No one was arrested, and the incident remains under investigation.

The lockdown at Osborne Elementary was lifted just after 2 p.m., allowing children to leave at their normal time, according to a Sandusky Schools press release.



Im kinda curious as to what was going on since my child goes to Osborne and I was not informed of anything going on.

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It was a precautionary measure. Mills School was also put on lock down briefly.


Precautionary for what?

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There was a suspect within a 3 or 4 mile radius...Wee Care was also on lock down for a while. Precautionary...where there are lots of children extra measures are taken. My child was at Furry School last year and they had a lock down when cops learned that a guy who lived on the street was bunkered down with guns in his house. It's the world we live in today...better to be safe than sorry.


Mills School was not put on lockdown.


There was a lot more going on then just a suspicious person in the neighborhood. Check sanduskyscannerlive on facebook.


Morons running around with a gun! PATHETIC!!!!

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If you're not a facebook fan, I guess you're screwed for information, eh?

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You can go here to listen to a free online scanner in your area:



my child goes to perkins and furry was locked down because a kintergardner brought some gun shells to school. We received a call (pre recorded) that day and a letter home with my child the next day explaining the situation. I think it would be nice for Sandusky schools to do the same for their parents. Even if nothing happened really, hearsay is not the way to find out your childs school was on lockdown for any reason.

(have you ever played the game where the first person was wispered something.... and passed it down and by the end it was NOTHING like what was originally said) That can happen very easily and worry parents.


Thank you RNR. That's exactly what I think. I think it's our right as parents to know what went on instead of hearing it from a child or reading it online.


Better to be safe than sorry is RIGHT. It would be just like some dumb arse to take refuge in a school with a gun when police begin a chase these days. Best to error on the side of caution and lock things down than to be sorry later on. I don't blame the powers that be in ANY school these days locking down a school and taking precautions. I would too. Nice work, people...good job.