Teenage mother arrested

Girl, 14, allegedly throws car seat, beats mother and sister with dowel
Alissa Widman Neese
Oct 3, 2013
Police arrested a teenaged mother Tuesday night after she allegedly threw a car seat at family members and hit them repeatedly with a plastic mini blinds dowel.

The girl, 14, became enraged when her mother held her 8-month-old son, despite her mother having custody of the child, according to a Sandusky police report.

The girl lives with her sister, 26, in the 2400 block of Pioneer Trail, where the incident occurred. Their mother lives in Kentucky with the girl’s baby and brought him to visit the pair Tuesday.

Before Tuesday’s brawl, the girl accidentally pinched her son’s finger in his crib, making him cry, according to the report. When her mother consoled the baby instead of letting the girl hold him, they began arguing. Her sister tried to break up the fight, which quickly turned violent.

During the scuffle, the girl started punching her sister and whipping her with a plastic dowel used to adjust mini blinds, injuring her fingers, according to the report. She then chucked a car seat at her mother.

The girl’s mother pinned her on her bed, and the girl allegedly kicked her multiple times in the stomach.

Police arrived at about 10:30 p.m. and broke up the fight. They restrained the girl, who yelled and flailed her arms until they threatened to charge her with resisting arrest, according to the report. She claimed she was trying to defend herself because her mother and sister “jumped on her” and hit her.

The girl calmed down, and police cited her with two counts of domestic violence and one count of unruly juvenile. They took her to the Erie County Detention Center, per the center’s request.


Seen it All

14 and has a 8 month old baby? YIKES!


Oh boy, not if sure where to start with this one !! Ready, Set, Go people and let the debate begin!! lol


Mandatory chastity belts and 24/7 supervision at age 10 until age of 21.

Or NO Welfare Bennies at all.


We can't make chastity belts mandatory, but we could teach about pregnancy prevention or abstinence. Supervision is one thing but children rebel to too much if locked up in a too strict environment. At some point you have to trust your children to make the right decisions and usually if you have taught them right from wrong, they do fine.

Licorice Schtick

Not so good when children have children.


I give it about 5 minutes before Ms.Psych comes on here and starts playing the race card (despite the fact that no race is mentioned in the story) and saying we all need to "back off and give this fine young mother another chance -- people can change blah blah blah" Sick of scum like this -- so glad my tax dollars can go toward raising the 8 month old daughter of a 14 year old girl!

Here's the real question -- why is a 20 year old and her 14 year old sister living in Ohio while their mother lives in Kentucky?? Maybe if mom were around, 14 year old wouldn't have her own little troll already.


Please DO NOT mention me on discussions that I have not spoken on, that's the first thing. Second thing, I could care less about whether this girl, her sister, and her mother are black, white, etc..etc.. there is no racial issue concerning this story, only the issues of TEEN PREGNANCY/PARENTHOOD, and VIOLENT BEHAVIOR concern this article = what does race have to do with THIS?? SO... why did YOU just bring anything about race up? Once again, another person on here displaying THEIR lack of intelligence. Oh, and speaking of tax dollars, do YOU even have a job cause I see you posted this up at 2:43PM, you can't POSSIBLY be working a regular 9-5 job like the rest of us taxpayers, otherwise you wouldn't have had time in your busy work day to chime in on this article and mention ME! LoL wow, the nerve of some people!!!!


Drop dead liberal loon.


Not too smart are you? What would the world be if we all worked 9\5 ? Some of us work for the UAW and have different hours and make more than you honey! It's called skilled trade! 1st 2nd 3rd shifts tend to be 6am-2pm 2pm-10pm 10m-6pm so stfu and educate yourself more!


Don't waste your time with this nut case -- I shouldn't have mentioned his/her name -- it's my fault.


I don't give a Da*m about any of that, I said what I said about the commenter not working to be a smart-a** MORON!Or, don't YOU get sarcasm?? AND how much money I make is neither here, nor there, I make enough to support myself and keep a HOUSE and pay MY bills, SO....What exactly is YOUR point? MY point was, there was ABSOLUTELY NO REASON for the commenter to speak on ME in his/her post.......PERIOD! Because I had nothing to do with the discussion (prior to that person's comment)now how about YOU STFU?


No I can't tell sarcasm throw your bipolar rant......Maybe that is your problem you make enough too support yourself....maybe you should shrive for a little bit more that just getting by to support your habit? Just a thought. BTW if someone made a comment about me on here there is no way that I would know and be able to respond that fast. So you defiantly look for trouble on here a little more than you think you do..... You really have "issues" Not just social media issues but real life (you need to get checked out) issues!


It's called a white-collar job -- I have a computer at my desk, Sweetheart LOL

This story has nothing to do with race, which was exactly my point -- you always run in and start throwing the race card. Thanks for taking the bait, kiddo!


Exactly, you have a computer at your work desk, yet you were doing no actual work, which is obvious because you were on SanduskyRegister.com commenting and putting my name within a discussion that should not have had anything to do with me at all. Do your work, like the rest of us HARD-WORKING taxpayers do, instead of wasting time, ON YOUR JOB, worrying about whether I will comment on these discussion boards!


Oh, and by the way, in the past year, I have commented on ONE article in this paper (now two because I am commenting on this one), SO, please tell me how is it that I ALWAYS throw the "race card" around, when I have only commented on that other article? Please explain this to me, and show me proof of where I have ALWAYS done this? You can't possibly be grown, because your comments are quite child-like.


At my job, I deal with pieces of scum like you and the winners mentioned in this story -- in between clients, I have to kill some time -- soooo, I come on here and vent a little bit. I don't take cigarette breaks because I don't smoke, So I take Sandusky Register breaks LOL

Looks like somebody is getting a little worked up over this. It's not worth my time to dig through old stories and provide the proof you're looking for. I've got more important things to do.

You know what I find really funny about this?? You're the one that comes on here and defends people with criminal records a mile long, saying "they can change" and "be nice to them -- they made a mistake", yet all you want to do is put me down for my opinions. What about me -- can't I change?? LOL You're out of your mind -- your screen name is appropriate -- Ms.Psychward.


Where exactly did I put YOU down? I simply told you NOT to mention MY NAME in YOUR posts, especially since I had nothing to do with THIS discussion when you FIRST made the choice to mention me!

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I don't think it is healthy for you to post here. So what, someone doesn't like you don't take it so personally you only make them happier that they can make you rage.


@state.... I can agree on one thing here....a 14 year old should NOT have an 8 month old baby...but my question to you is...Why do you AUTOMATICALLY assume that this baby is being raised by YOUR tax dollars!?!?.....If the girls mother is taking care of the baby, she COULD be working to take care of that baby!!....People just assume that people get government assistance no matter what the situation is!!..I get soooo tired of hearing you people whine about YOUR tax dollars!!!...Do you know that your tax dollars are paying for waaaay more than food stamps and medical assistance!?!?....YOUR tax dollars are paying for unnecessary state and federal things!!.. And what about tax time every year??...Are YOU one of the higher class people who doesn't get any of YOUR taxes back because you make too much money, because most people get back what they pay in or more after earned income credit every year! ...Also, to call a baby a "troll" is just pure ignorance!!....That baby didn't ASK to be brought into this world....Geese people..come ON!!

nosey rosey

Wow! Who knew that most people get all of their taxes back every year? I certainly don't and I definately don't make "too much money".


Imalley either A.)lives in a fantasy land or B.)he/she lives off of our tax dollars too ;-)


Who gets all their taxes back????? LIV

Concerned For A...

Stupid is as stupid does. People that make "too much money" to get any tax money back also fund people who get back everything they paid in plus "earned income credit". Those who make too much worked their a$$es off to get where they are in life, therefore deserve credit for it. All liberals cry for these "less fortunate folk". WHY?? They could go to school for FREE (free for them) and better themselves so they too could make too much money, but decide to sit on their arse and complain about being poor and hard working Americans not giving them enough to live on!There are plenty of ways for people to get out of poverty, plenty of grants for them to get an education that a huge majority of "entitlement" receivers choose not to utilize! That is why people who pay into these programs every year get so angry! Because these people just choose to stay on assistance and are fine with living that way! A girl I know has 5 children, she gets 800 dollars a month in food stamps, free medical care for all children and herself, government housing, why the hell would she look for a job!!! Everything is handed to her!!And people like her sell half their food stamps for cash! People like her are exactly why people who "make too much" "whine" as you call it, it's bull!! Anyways, that was quite off subject, the point regarding this article is that the girl is 14 yrs old, and lives with her sister in the ghetto, instead of either of her parents, and has an 8 month old child that she can't take care of because she is still a baby herself. MAYBE, just MAYBE if this girl had any type of parental guidance in her life, she might be worried about band, volleyball, basketball or cheerleading, or her schooling instead of getting pregnant at 14. Obviously the mother didn't do that great of a job parenting her, is she raising another teen mom or dad? Time will tell.


LOL go ahead and keep you head burried in the sand kiddo -- the world is an ugly place -- this family sounds like a bunch of winners -- Mom living in Kentucky, 20 year old daughter and 14 year old daughter living in Ohio, Grandma raising the 14 year old's daughter -- sounds like a great situation to me! I bet they've all got well paying jobs and they support themselves 100%! LOL Riiiiiiight.

What world do you live in that you get all of your tax dollars back?? Uncle Sam takes more money out of my paycheck to support people like these jokers than I care to talk about. But go ahead -- stay ignorant and keep giving humanity the benefit of the doubt -- in the meantime, society will continue to go up in flames! CheerSs!


Bet they get free obamacare too!


Another dumbass, lol


"During the scuffle, the girl started punching her sister and whipping her with a plastic dowel used to adjust mini blinds" - It's called a TILT WAND people. Thanks.

Simple Enough II



Obviously the family has some problems but to assume they are scum and that your tax dollars are supporting them is ignorant. The grandmother has custody of the baby thank goodness as 14 is way too young to raise a child. She may have failed in the pregnancy prevention talk but she is wise enough to take the child and care for it properly. This teenager obviously has anger issues and does not get along with her mother so she is where she belongs. The baby is not a troll and hopefully will turn out better than mom.

Seen it All

How can you believe she is "caring for it properly"? Like she did with the 14 yr old who is already a mother WITH anger issues? I would venture to guess that mommy dearest aka grandma has custody because one of her meal tickets already aged out and the other fast approaching. Just my educated guess.