Teenage mother arrested

Girl, 14, allegedly throws car seat, beats mother and sister with dowel
Alissa Widman Neese
Oct 3, 2013
Police arrested a teenaged mother Tuesday night after she allegedly threw a car seat at family members and hit them repeatedly with a plastic mini blinds dowel.

The girl, 14, became enraged when her mother held her 8-month-old son, despite her mother having custody of the child, according to a Sandusky police report.

The girl lives with her sister, 26, in the 2400 block of Pioneer Trail, where the incident occurred. Their mother lives in Kentucky with the girl’s baby and brought him to visit the pair Tuesday.

Before Tuesday’s brawl, the girl accidentally pinched her son’s finger in his crib, making him cry, according to the report. When her mother consoled the baby instead of letting the girl hold him, they began arguing. Her sister tried to break up the fight, which quickly turned violent.

During the scuffle, the girl started punching her sister and whipping her with a plastic dowel used to adjust mini blinds, injuring her fingers, according to the report. She then chucked a car seat at her mother.

The girl’s mother pinned her on her bed, and the girl allegedly kicked her multiple times in the stomach.

Police arrived at about 10:30 p.m. and broke up the fight. They restrained the girl, who yelled and flailed her arms until they threatened to charge her with resisting arrest, according to the report. She claimed she was trying to defend herself because her mother and sister “jumped on her” and hit her.

The girl calmed down, and police cited her with two counts of domestic violence and one count of unruly juvenile. They took her to the Erie County Detention Center, per the center’s request.



Thank you for joining me in being the voice of reason.

Simple Enough II

I agree.

Simple Enough II

I agree.


The grandmother needs to stay in Kentucky with the baby and stay away from the babies mother. It won't be long and the girl will end up pregnant again. What a sad situation! But , I would venture to say that there is a lot of welfare money going into all of their pockets.




The baby should be put up for adoption. Some wonderful drama free family would love to have a baby to raise! Poor baby!


Real quick, the article says the sister was 26 not 20. And the teen has a son not a daughter. If you're gonna throw your judgements around because you're perfect, then at least be correct with the facts. ;)


The Timbers.. nuff said


Yep, and not only IF the people who lived out there, BUT also the realty company (W-T)gave two hoots about that community out there, maybe it wouldn't have such a "bad name" for itself, because a LONG time ago it wasn't like that out there. I think that it is unfortunate that because of the many bad things that go on and and some of the negative/troublesome people that live out there, the decent people that do reside out there, get stigmatized. W-T needs to CLEAN IT UP, meaning they need to stop letting ANY and EVERYBODY move in out there AND on Remington Ave. - by doing REAL background checks on the people they allow to move in, because I know that they don't really care who moves in, as long as you have the security deposit and first months rent and/or Section 8 for THOSE particular apartments, you're in there!


Those Apartments have been crap since day one....don't blame the owners of a property that is out to make money....you have to follow certain laws to be on section 8 first of all! WT Realty does background checks and what they can to try to root out the the wonderful people of sandusky but who else wants to live out there really think about it just a little bit stupid is as stupid does if they don't like the neighborhood move! or blame the landlord Hey! Sounds like Bobbie Jo has kicked you out before!


Bobbie Jo? Do you mean Bobbie Sue? Wow, you're ignorant! I lived out there for 8 years, until I became able to afford my own HOUSE. Bobbie Sue, ISN'T the landlord, NOR does SHE own the property, which therefore means nothing I said has anything to do with her, SHE just does her job as she is told to, whether it's right or whether it's wrong.... However, I know for a fact that there are people who live out there right now, that IF a REAL background check was done on them, they wouldn't be living there, just as well as certain people that live in the Remington Ave. apartments. Speak what you ACTUALLY know about. Waldock(the actual OWNERS)don't give two squats about that neighborhood, nor the interior of the buildings and apartments that is why Pioneer Trail and Maple Square (Remington Ave.) are the ONLY Waldock apartments that allow Section 8 - They do "enough" to keep their apartments out there Section 8 approved. And, as I stated, good, decent, law abiding, NON-Section 8 tenants that live out there still are stigmatized for living in a neighborhood, that IF it was kept up, and "cleaned out" would not have the "bad name" that is attached to it!


Never said Bobbie owned it ..... WT stands for Waldock and Tone.....think about it.....but Waldocks bought Tones out years ago....so you know so much.....and to not give to squats about it .... kinds funny when they have a huge maintanise crew...... Really what to you want to get for $350 a month...Sorry I never had to have section 8.....I pay my own bills I just worked for them....and sorry I forgot her full name lmao! I remember driving by before WT owned it and there was no lighting on Remington and all the nice crowds that would run into the streets......yeah they brought it down.......But I'm sure you want to pay $350 and live in a mansion with your Obama phone too......I'm sorry.....I normally don't talk to Obama voters but when I do I ASK FOR A SIDE OF FRIES!


I'm craving a good donut


Ok, are we all missing something here?? First of all it's a 14 year old girl, where is daddy and was he charged with rape and put in jail? Why isn't the girl living with her mother instead of her sister, was she living with sissy when she got pregnant or with mommy?
Contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Think grandma ought to take baby and go back to Kentucky out of this mess.


Thank for bringing up the issue of male irresponsibility and the fact that the fourteen old girl was the victim of a rape. There's a lot of hostility directed to the females in this story (most of it from males I suspect) but none directed to the culture that encourages males to objectify and devalue females.

Here's an idea: Male reproductive biology is a lot simpler than female biology. How about research directed to readily reversible vasectomies so that males can't impregnate females until they are willing to accept fatherhood or better yet are married to the mother. (what a quaint notion). In other words we as a society do not allow males to become fathers until they are financially and emotionally capable of supporting their children and are shown to value females.

Licorice Schtick

And if the father is 14, did they rape each other? And you seem to be advocating mandatory "reversable" sterilization, but just for males? At what age? The gender bias displayed here is ridiculous.


It's highly doubtful the father was also 14 years old. And yes I am proposing that research be directed to easily reversible sterilization of males because male biology is easier to modify without long term impact and males need to be held accountable in some way for indiscriminate reproduction.

It's a fact that in the biological world sperm is cheap while eggs are valuable. Check out what high quality female eggs are worth to infertile couples $25,000 to $50,000 while a male sperm donor with similar credentials may get $500.00. Females as a rule are not hard wired to reproduce indiscriminately while males are designed to spread it around. Society use to have rules that discouraged females from having children out of wedlock or held the males responsible. In other words you had children you could afford.

And yes the gender bias displayed here is ridiculous. You excuse male misbehavior, and discount the very highly likely fact that this girl was raped in all likelihood because she's female.


Babies having babies. You would think someone would have explained sexual responsibility and birth control to her at this age, but apparently not. The mother is living in Kentucky and she lives here with her sister....NOT a good thing. She should go back to Kentucky with Mommy and learn some responsibility, especially since she has a child. Why let her stay here with her sister and play any more than she already has? No, no, no. Mother needs to be responsible for daughter first....THEN daughter can be responsible for child.

This kids don't learn by example that is the main problem. They have learned by an entire group of people who have the idea that they are "entitled" and that is a problem. They haven't learned any responsible behavior and until they do, this is what we have running the streets. So who is going to teach them those skills? Heaven only knows? I hope some of them learn it in the school courses of "life skills" they have now. One can only pray.

Licorice Schtick

So that's the problem? Not enough prayer? And here I thought was that working-class families can't support a household on a single income, so even "reponsible" families, with both parents resident, are forced to leave teenagers, fertile and awash in hormones, unsupervised for several hours each day.


Everyone is entitled to an "oops". But, with the next little bundle of joy created by this birthing machine and her random sperm donor the benefits to support this child should be cut 25%. Each additional love child created by this young person the benefits are cut an additional 25%.

Folks its about money with this entitlement hog. Take away the incentive for more money and the legs will close.

Licorice Schtick

Dream on. She was awash in hormones, and also 100% sure she was in love. Just because you're all about money doesn't mean a teenage girl is.

"It's easier to guard a sack of fleas than a girl in love." - Jewish proverb

Teenagers need supervision. All. The. Time.


Perhaps you are the one dreaming? Awash in on line images of underage teenage girls all longing for you? Now there's a fantasy. All teenage girls really want it.

How do you propose to supervise female and male teenagers all the time in a culture that promotes and glorifies the sexuality of teenagers?

The New World Czar

The 14 year old is now a resident at the Juvie Center...then what, turn her back over to the sister or back to Kentucky?

Please, give the small child a chance in life and put him up for adoption.


mandatory birth control, proof you can financially raise a child, adoption, we are just fanning the flames of irresponsibility, tough ,yes , change always is.