Men wanted for rural burglary

What to do if you find yourself short of cash? For a 23-year-old Vermilion man, the alleged answer was “steal from grandma.”
Tom Jackson
Oct 3, 2013


Erie County sheriff’s deputies obtained arrest warrants for Kenneth M. Kollen, 23, of the 1900 block of Claus Road, Vermilion, and his alleged accomplice, Daniel K. Carey, 31, of Amherst.

Kollen allegedly told a friend he’s hiding from the police, said Jared Oliver, chief deputy.

Anyone with information about the pair is asked to call 419-627-7553, Oliver said.

An offense report from the sheriff’s office says Sharon Kollen, 69, 3600 block of Cleveland Road E. in Huron, left the house at about 3:15 p.m. Tuesday to run errands. When she got home at about 4 p.m. Tuesday, she encountered her grandson, Kenneth, and another man, who were backing out of the driveway in a bronzecolored Ford Explorer and appeared to be in a hurry.

Kenneth told her to move her car so they could leave and even said they’d drive around her on the grass if she didn’t move. She moved, and they left.

Sharon immediately discovered the back door had been forced open, so she called her son, David Kollen, as well as the sheriff’s office. It was then discovered that a laptop and an Xbox gaming system had been stolen.

David told police his son has been addicted to heroin for about five years, is wanted on theft complaints and has a criminal record, according to the report.


Simple Enough II

Samething happen to a friend last weekend and she wouldn't report it to the cops or his parents. This happen while other family members were there (though elsewhere in the house). The comment made was he has a drinking problem, I replied back "a drunk doesn't break out the window of a car and steal the purse with money in it, a drunk doesn't steal a credit card and go try and buy high dollar (resellable) items (she didn't press charges then last winter when that happen either), but a pesron strung out on drugs does.". Shame her silence only enables him and puts herself and others at risk. I fear for her.