UPDATED: Sandusky man shot in head

Suspect still at large.
Sandusky Register Staff
Sep 24, 2013

A Sandusky man was shot in the head Monday morning at his Eddy Henry Way home, according to Sandusky police.

Despite the odds, Lee Donald, 34, is alive and talking at Firelands Regional Medical Center.

He was inside his home in the 1900 block of Eddy Henry Way when at about 4 a.m. he suffered a single gunshot wound to the head, police said. Detectives are scrambling to whittle down the list of possible suspects, but as of Monday evening they had yet to make an arrest.

Emergency dispatchers received an exceptionally calm 911 call from a woman at about 4:10 a.m.

“I’m right here ... what’s the address?” the woman is heard saying to someone with her during the recorded 911 call. When the dispatcher asks her to explain the emergency, the woman replies, “Um, someone got shot.”

The call was then disconnected. The county’s dispatching system, which pinpoints the location of calls made to 911, traced the call to the home where Donald was shot.    At about the same time, officers received a call from Firelands Regional Medical Center, alerting them to a shooting victim in the emergency room, Sandusky police Detective Gary Wichman said.

Hospital surveillance footage showed a dark SUV drop off Donald. Officers held a woman in custody Monday afternoon and searched her vehicle, as it matched the description of the SUV at the hospital, but she was released later in the day.

Her vehicle is not the one police are searching for, Wichman said. Detectives are still trying to find the person who dropped Donald off at the hospital.

Donald later told detectives he has no idea who shot him, Wichman said. He told police he was sitting in his living room watching television when he heard someone pounding on his door. He said he opened the door, but he remembers nothing beyond that.

Monday morning, detectives placed police tape around the home and processed the scene for several hours.

The main door had an apparent bullet hole in it, and officers found a handgun shell casing inside the house.

Officers also seized trace amounts of marijuana from the home, Wichman said.

Donald is a registered sex offender who has been charged with numerous crimes over the past 15 years, including rape, assault, trespassing, theft, menacing, disorderly conduct and various drug and traffic offenses, according to court documents. In September 2010, he was the victim of an apparent knife fight outside a Perkins Avenue bar.

At the time, he told police he had no idea who assaulted him, according to a past Register article.

At about 11 a.m. Monday, meanwhile, a group of Donald’s friends and relatives showed up at the hospital with plans to visit him, police said. Officers asked the group to leave, and they arrested Rayshawn Grant, 35, of the 1000 block of W. Washington St., charging him with disorderly conduct and obstruction.

Police have not speculated on a motive for the shooting, although Donald’s friends said they suspect it was related to an argument involving a woman.


A Sandusky man was shot once in the head at about 4 a.m. Monday inside his home on Eddy Henry Way, police said.

Lee Donald, 34, of the 1900 block of Eddy Henry Way, remains in the intensive care unit at Firelands Regional Medical Center. He was conscious and answering detectives' questions when they spoke to him at the hospital shortly after the incident, Sandusky police Detective Gary Wichman said.

Police are still gathering details and tracking down possible leads on suspects.

Wichman said a handgun was likely used in the assault, given the nature of Donald's wound.

Police were also called to the hospital later Monday morning when up to 15 people showed up, intending to visit Donald in the intensive care unit. One person was arrested at the hospital: Rayshaun Grant, 35, of Sandusky, was charged with disorderly conduct, police said.



You're a joke. When your criminal record is longer than a Lord Of the Rings Movie, you deserve to be judged.


Does he have a job or is he living off our tax dollars?


Are we taking bets on the answer to that question? Lol


I know what I'm putting my money on!


I called the Evenbreak and the odds are 100 will get you 1 that he isn't working, never has worked and that our dumba$$es are paying for this fool to be alive. Why is a perpetual criminal like this not in prison? And I will further bet at the same odds that somebody saw something!


I bet he has an Obama phone!


Hmmmmm....I have no idea why people are fleeing that city, ill have to give that one some thought...


Nobody (well, almost nobody) actually deserves to be shot in the head. But with a record like this, and with "friends" like that, you can't pretend it's much of a SURPRISE to be shot in the head!


How can you have a record like that at only 34 years old. How much time are these guys serving? Just hours? Were these all plea deals from Baxter?

Darwin's choice



What a fine upstanding citizen. Try getting a job and going to work. Great way to stay out of trouble.


You people are ridiculous! What's the point of posting his criminal record? God forbid one of you so-called "perfect" citizens should find yourselves at the wrong place, at the wrong time! For what it's worth, he is still fighting for his life! Whatever the circumstances may have been behind the motives of this shooting, may God intervene!!



From his record, he continues to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Hope God intervenes because our legal system sure hasn't.

Clark W. Griswald

How does wrong place at the wrong time equal a record like that?


I don't claim to be perfect but you won't find a criminal record under my name and I think that would be true of most people on here.


RedApple, I have to agree that posting his criminal record really has no point here. And yes, it is sad that this man is in the hospital. However, I doubt, if he is talking and answering questions, he is "fighting for his life" as you state. He wouldn't be doing that as the police state if he were dying sir. Medically speaking, I doubt that is a grave consideration at this point. He sounds like he is in more "serious condition" than "critical" right now. Let's wish him well. However, he is on someone's "hit list" (no pun intended) for something he did wrong and it is obviously not something small. Who knows what it is: drugs, theft, or anything. Only the two of them knows for sure. I doubt he has even told the police at this point. But you can bet the police will have him watched right now so no one can get to him. No one on here is ridiculous for feeling the way they do for stating their minds.

They just don't feel sorry for him and are stating so. It isn't that they feel superior, either. So don't be too hard on any one of us for the right to speak what any of us feel.

After all, once that list went up, the dye was cast. Of course God will one day intervene on all of us with HIS list. Until then, we just have the list the cops keep. Sad but true.

Simple Enough II

I doubt if they have to provide him with security while in the hospital, because if it was a attempted robbery, they won't be back and if it was an attempted hit, they are so an amateur/s that they won't have the stones to enter the hospital. Nope just probably need to look at who he has been hanging with of late. IMO


Another loser posting unstable reasoning.

If there wasn't a criminal record it wouldn't have been posted, Dah~! You want someone to blame? How about the one with the crimes, don't make Knuckle Dragger out to be the bad guy.

Now, its not known why this guy was shot, but there is a good chance that there could be many people out there that he trespassed against, possibly the one who he raped or one of their friends.

The guy's a LOOSER, and personally he should have either been locked up for life or hung, then we wouldn't be having this discussion.


you may very well be right, but they came to HIS house to get him. So they they must be as bad or worse than him wouldn't you say so? I don't think anyone is really blaming knuckledragging fcr anything, I just can't help but wonder if posting someone's entire record is necessary like this. But now that it is on here, its fair game for discussion. Public record normally is. And after Psyc's comments its REALLY relevant.


You're right that any one of us could end up in the wrong place at the wrong time. But if that SHOULD happen to me, no record will be posted because I HAVE no record to post!

Like I said, nobody DESERVES what happened to him. At the same time, if I hang out with a rough crowd, and I've been involved in rough stuff myself on a regular basis, and I often frequent places that might be considered the "wrong" place at ANY time, would you be all that surprised if something happened to me no matter where I was when it finally happened?


Where is Eddy Henry Way?


I wondered that myself!


It is a small street between Pierce and Buchanan on the South side. There are mostly duplexes or quad-plexes over there. I think it was once part of Shelby St. Like South Depot is now called Seavers Way.


Ms.psych must be his sista!


No, I'm not anyone's SISTER (or are you not able to spell correctly?). I just get tired of seeing people post up Black people's criminal record on these articles, BUT then when the articles concerning Caucasian criminals are on Sandusky Register, no one posts up that person's criminal record! It has become ridiculous and quite honestly it is pointless. Especially in this case, the crime was committed against him, so whether he has a criminal record is neither here nor there, in THIS situation. Period!


Where does it say he's black? There have been lots of stories about Caucasian people that have had their criminal histories posted. This story didn't include a picture of the guy so how is anyone supposed to know what race he is? You sound ridiculous.


She's a racist but will continue to say we are. Maybe there should be an 'O' at the end of her user name.


Ms. Psych101 , give it a break, are you dating this [upstanding] guy?


Are you dating him?


Ms Psych....you are wrong about that....go read my post on page 1