Clerk unfazed by holdup attempt

A heroin addict who tried to rob a carryout by passing an armed clerk a note remains in the Sandusky County jail on $100,000 bond, according to a Fremont police report.
Jessica Cuffman
Sep 21, 2013


Misty McDivitt, 22, of the 100 block of Howland St., walked into the Croghan Carryout Thursday morning holding a note that said: “This is a robbery ... Give me the money in the register and nobody will get hurt. I do have a weapon please don’t make me use it,” according to the report.

The store owner, Michael Waggoner, 50, had a different plan.

“Yeah right,” he said. “You’re on camera.”

He later told police he proceeded to press the holdup alarm, and he also pulled out a handgun. McDivitt promptly left the Croghan Street business and walked down to the railroad tracks, the report said.

Waggoner followed her and saw her run around a garage and head to a Monroe Street house. McDivitt answered the door when Fremont police knocked, the report said.

She denied being at the carryout, but Waggoner identified her, and also provided the security video to show police.

McDivitt eventually admitted she had walked to the carryout with the note to try to rob the store. She said she uses heroin and needed the money, the report said.

She is charged with a single count of robbery. Her next court appearance is set for Tuesday.



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