Huron man charged with rape

Smith indicted on 12 counts; allegedly raped girl over period of five years.
Courtney Astolfi
Sep 18, 2013


A Huron man was arrested Sunday on allegations he sexually abused a girl numerous times over a five-year period.

Raymond Smith, 38, was charged with six counts of both rape and sexual battery.

An 18-year-old Huron woman went to police with her story Aug. 26, prompting officers to launch an investigation into Smith. During their interview, the woman said Smith raped her repeatedly between the ages of 12 and 17, Huron police Chief Robert Lippert said.

“I think she reached a point where she felt comfortable and safe enough to tell someone,” Lippert said.

During the course of their investigation, officers learned Smith functioned as an occasional caregiver to the girl, and allegedly took advantage of those circumstances to assault the child, Lippert said.

“She felt compelled to submit (to Smith) because of the position of authority he had over her,” Lippert said.

Officers also interviewed the woman’s lone confidant, who corroborated general details of the abuse, Lippert said.

When investigators approached Smith with the allegations, he refused to make a statement and referenced them to his attorney, Lippert said.

Smith also cared for a handful of other children at times, but social workers determined there were no indications of abuse in those relationships, Lippert said.

Huron police forwarded the case directly to an Erie County grand jury, who indicted Smith Sept. 11 on 12 charges.

“On cases like this, we like to move quickly,” Lippert said.

Smith was arrested Saturday and taken to the Erie County jail. He remains there on $250,000 bond.



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Some people think it's no big thing to have a stranger crawl into bed with their child, when they enter a wrong house. Uh Yeah.

It's reports such as this that are cringe worthy.

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R U Kidding me

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