Man, 21, arrested for sexual pandering, abduction

A Margaretta Township man is facing numerous charges for alleged crimes against two teenagers at his Rockwood Drive home.
Courtney Astolfi
Sep 14, 2013


An Erie County grand jury indicted Lance Blanton, 21, on charges of abduction, pandering sexually oriented matter involving a juvenile, corrupting another with drugs, assault and attempted felonious assault.

The charges stem from separate incidents involving a 17-year-old Huron girl and an 18-year-old Castalia woman.

The allegations first arose on July 19, when the Huron girl — at the behest of her parents — presented Erie County deputies with a myriad of complaints against Blanton.

The girl told deputies she was 16 years old when, over a period of months, she dated Blanton, according to a deputy’s report.

Earlier this year, however, Blanton gave her prescription pills and also had her purchase pills on his behalf, Erie County Sheriff’s Detective Nick Kotsopoulos said.    The girl also alleged Blanton tied her down in his garage when she began questioning their relationship. At one point, he threatened to drop a dumbbell on her and use a chainsaw to injure her, Kotsopoulos said.

In investigating the allegations, deputies obtained Blanton’s cell phone, which contained videos of Blanton and the girl engaged in consensual sexual acts, Kotsopoulos said. The video showed the two passing the phone back and forth as they recorded the encounters.

Deputies also seized Blanton’s laptop computer, which they sent to a Toledo crime lab for analysis.

They’re still awaiting those results, deputies said, and Erie County assistant prosecutor Mary Anne Barylski had originally told them to wait on the results before presenting the case to a grand jury for possible indictment.

Late last month, however, deputies learned of another alleged incident involving Blanton.

An 18-year-old Castalia woman told deputies that on Aug. 25, Blanton held her against her will in his home following an argument, according to a deputy’s report. He allegedly choked the woman, yanked her off the bed by her hair and threatened to use weightroom equipment to kill her and rape her, the report said.

The woman was forced to stay at Blanton’s home overnight because he seized her keys and cell phone, the report said. Not until her parents noticed red marks on her neck the following day did she come forward with the allegations.

Given that the alleged incident occurred while deputies were investigating the prior case involving the Huron girl, they immediately issued a warrant for his arrest.

He was arrested Aug. 26 and taken to the Erie County jail. He was released Sept. 6, after Erie County Municipal Court Judge Paul Lux approved his release on personal recognizance, according to jail officials.

Blanton originally agreed to speak to deputies about the charges, but he has since hired an attorney.

Barylski said she wanted to wait to indict Blanton after the first alleged incident because investigators were still awaiting results from the Toledo crime lab, on the laptop analysis.


   “We wanted to wait until we could do a complete investigation,” she said. “Subsequently, and unfortunately, we got a second victim.”


   Blanton’s next court


   appearance is pending.


Simple Enough II

Nice guy, I'm sure the parents are proud of their daughters being mudsharks.


"He was arrested Aug. 26 and taken to the Erie County jail. He was released Sept. 6, after Erie County Municipal Court Judge Paul Lux approved his release on personal recognizance, according to jail officials."

I question why this person was released on personal recognizance while non-violent people who cannot raise bail are still in jail.


Weak evidence, probably. Neither girl will testify, possibly. Consensual sex tape. I don't think Lux is known for going easy either.


He!! hath no fury like a white Huron girls dad, who just finds out his lily white, perfect little princess is having a sexual relationship with a black man. I'm bettin' this is nothing more than daddy not approving of the relationship. Even the article says that she reported it at the urging of her parents.

BULLISDEEP's picture

Daddy should have shot him .


what is a 16 year old girl doing with a 20 year old anyway?????? To heck with the racial part. Its the age thing that got me. Where were these parents with that little tid-bit of info?


So going by your logic....a father who lives in Huron is a snob if he has a problem with his daughter dating a man who's violent towards women regardless of race? Since I'm guessing you're from sandumpsky you'd be ok with your daughter seeing this thing??

Jack Frost

I've had to deal with this poser before, He has a history of abusing women. It has nothing to do with where the dad's are from. This guy deserves to go to prison, he has been abusing women since he was a freshman in high school. He threatens them with violence and uses the pictures as blackmail. Lux doesn't go easy on anyone.


WHAT THE F He was released on ROR? I don't give a crap what color he is this man is a predator!!! since when did this become about the victim and not about the accused? this is sickening on so many levels.
the judge let him walk because he gave his word that he would appear in court. nasty comments about skin color and behavior are shameful.
this man held women against their will. if you have never been in a situation where you were physically restrained, no way to call for help, or tortured please don't make light of this.


Dudes probably already out in California or Florida hiding out