Man pistol-whipped in robbery

A Lorain man told police he was pistol-whipped and robbed by a group of men Sunday morning in the 400 block of Jackson St.
Courtney Astolfi
Sep 10, 2013


When Dale Dye, 34, stepped outside at about 5:30 a.m. to charge his phone inside his vehicle, four men approached his passenger-side window as he reached over to plug in the phone, according to a Sandusky police report.

One of the men then walked around to the other side of the car and pointed a .22-caliber handgun to his head, the report said, while the other three men then began pounding on the passengerside window. At least one of those three men appeared to be carrying a second gun, Dye told police.

The man closest to Dye then used a handgun to strike him in the head, the report said. Dye told officers he struggled with his assailant, ultimately wrestling away the gun. The four men took off on foot, heading east through the Sandusky Library’s parking lot.



Dye said the assailants ran off with his Samsung Galaxy phone, wallet and charger. When officers arrived at the scene, they saw Dye put up both hands before reaching back to pull the handgun from his rear pocket, the report said.

While officers secured the weapon and processed Dye’s car for fingerprints, Sandusky paramedics took him to Firelands Regional Medical Center for treatment.



Better man than me, I would of shot one of those punks. As soon as a few of these little gangsters get what they got coming they will think twice before pulling out that little baby pistol. Get your conceal and carry permits people, it only makes the playing field even. If they knew you had a gun also, they would think twice before trying to rob you.


He tried to shoot at them but the gun was empty... and we all have our carry license... but even a drop of alcohol that's a no no..


Must of been a high school drop-out.


I know I always charge my phone at 5:30 am ... in my car!


When your not from around here... and your phone is dead.... shouldn't be an issue to want to charge your phone in your vehicle... smh

From the Grave

Yeah dude, some of us have graves to dig at 5:30am.


What does this have to do with an assault? Suppose people should stick their head in the sand until the sun comes up and its all safe to go outside? Really?


What does this have to do with an assault? Suppose people should stick their head in the sand until the sun comes up and its all safe to go outside? Really?


It shouldnt matter what time it was when the victim went to his car/truck. The fact is you have thugs running the streets in Sandusky and wherever else. Maybe if everyone gets their CCW, make the playing field equal and bust a cap in a few of these wannabe's the city will settle down. Trust me, I carry no unloaded weapon and I wont hesitate to protect myself or my family if I am put in a situation like this..
I dont believe that if everyone carried this would stop the assaults on innocent people but it surely will slow it down a bit.


Sandusky is a lost cause... smh


Who are you calling at 5.30 in the morning? Something doesn't smell right here!


If you must know he's the owner and operator of Kris Dye Fabrication. To which also is a website to order car/truck parts. And when your only means of replying to customers questions from around the country, pretty imperative your email is accesible. Funny how everyone thinks somethin suspicious on his end was going on... buncha derps


People should seriously be applauding this guy for fighting back and not just lettin these guys get away with it. But no no... lets keep questioning why someone wanted to charge their phone at 530 am. Pretty sure that's not a crime.