Mother, boyfriend of dead child face charges

A Port Clinton woman and her boyfriend face felony charges for allegedly allowing her 7-week-old child to suffer injuries that led to his death in March 2012.
Jessica Cuffman
Sep 4, 2013


Kayla Henderson, 25, and Beau Hutchinson, 26, were indicted Thursday by an Ottawa County grand jury on charges of permitting child abuse and child endangering, Ottawa County prosecutor Mark Mulligan said.

The child, Kalib Henderson, was with the couple at another couple’s home when the infant suffered a blow to the head, resulting in a fractured skull. It led to his death a few days later.    The night he was injured, Henderson and Hutchinson first took the child to a grandparent’s home.


   “Then they decided the child was in need of hospital care,” Mulligan said.


   Kalib was flown from Magruder Hospital to Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center in Toledo, then later transferred to the University of Michigan children’s hospital, where he died days later.


   Kalib fell into a coma when he suffered the injury, Mulligan said.


   The investigation had been ongoing until a grand jury decided to indict the pair this past week.


   Deputies went searching for Henderson and Hutchinson, but were unable to find them. On Tuesday, they showed up at the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office, and they appeared in court that same afternoon.


   They were later released on their own recognizance, but they’re also prohibited from being around anyone under the age of 18, unless there is direct supervision. They also are subject to drug testing.


   Henderson and Hutchinson have a child together, who was born after Kalib died last year, but they do not have custody of the child, Mulligan said.


   They also have one other child apiece, but they do not have custody of those children, either, Mulligan said.


   Henderson and Hutchinson are accused of causing Kalib’s death by allowing him to be abused. They could face up to 10 years in prison if convicted of permitting child abuse, a first-degree felony.


   Kalib’s father, Jon Henderson, of Clyde, was serving in the U.S. Navy at the time of the infant’s death.



So they have a child together and then each separately and don't have have custody of any of them?? They obviously have great parenting skills (sarcasim). People like this should be sterilized!

red white and blue

Bring on th firing squad


Here we go again. How many does this make.

And people complain about abortion?

dorothy gale

Wow. Sick and sad.


WOW! Investigations sure do take a LONG time in Ottawa County.

Did it really take 18 months to figure out that a seven week old baby , did not fall off his bike and bang his head?

Nice work Mulligan, dragging your feet again so these two had time to pop out another kid.

Ask any LE you know, and they will tell you, if you want to commit a crime, do it in Ottawa County! Look, you can get away with murder over there!


He is useless! I took all the evidence showing identity theft of my disabled father to him and he said it wasn't worth his time and not enough proof that my father didnt do this to himself. I realize there may be more important issues, but it just shows how the prosecuting attorney picks and chooses. There were other issues at the same time that are too personal to air, but I lived in Ottawa county up until a few yrs ago and have never been happier with the decision to leave.

The governed


Mulligan needs to go.

Has run unopposed for 20 years.


They probably lost custody of the other children due to the fact that they were under investigation for this death.

I had heard that the baby was in a room with other children and the parents were in another room when the injury occurred. One of those kids may have caused this.

Now I know you all are gonna say something like "who leaves their 7 week old unattended with other kids?" something like that right? Well it is very possible that these two used poor judgment but I really doubt that they deserve a possible umpteen years in prison. Sadly, terrible things happen sometimes. Poor little baby...

The governed

Did you hear what the adults were doing that required all of the kids to be in another room?


If that is the case, that's called child neglect. Most child abuse and neglect is the result of poor judgment. That doesn't make it okay.

JudgeMeNot's picture

How did the Blade get these two losers mugshots?


In Erie County, the boyfriend and mom of the dead little boy are in jail where they belong, awaiting trial.

In Erie County it is not ok to kill babies.

In Ottawa County a seven week old baby has a severe skull fracture, cuts to the face, bruising and other serious injuries, and it takes 18 months for the prosecutor to "review" the case!!

Wake up Ottawa County voters! I would be embarrassed to have this guy in office!


18 months to charge these two? Does not sound like they have much to go on. Let's not judge until ALL the facts are out there! As we all know the media reports only the worst and we are Guilty until proven Innocent these days!


Awful and sickening to let that little baby die.


I agree that nobody should rush to judgment until the facts are known. While the fact that the couple has lost custody of ALL of their children certainly doesn't look good, it's possible (as someone here has noted) that custody was transferred as a result of the very tragedy of the baby.

That being said, there's NO REASON it takes 18 months to investigate the death of an infant. There's NO REASON it takes 18 months to investigate the death of ANYbody! Priorities, people, priorities. And from everything I've heard (here as well as other instances), the delays lie largely at the door of Mark Mulligan.

Hey, Ottawa County, is there some reason you keep voting for this guy? Is there some reason nobody runs against him? I suspect the answer to those two questions is one and the same: Ottawa County votes predominantly for one party over the other, and misplaced party loyalty means the guy with a certain letter after his name on the ballot ALWAYS wins whether he's competent or not! So here's a third question: What's WRONG with you, Ottawa County voters, eh?

Finn Finn

Please don't blame ALL voters Sam. I sure didn't vote for Mulligan, but you are correct. Most of the Dems in Ottawa County run unopposed and that is exasperating. The Republican Central Committee really needs to make a solid effort to recruit more candidates. Most of the elected positions in Ottawa County are held by Democrats. Not to mention all the double dipping that is going on as well, Sanitary Engineers Kelly Frey and Gino Monaco (who pull down HUGE salaries), Recorder Virginia Park, Treasurer Bob Hille to name just a few. Then there is the fact that Mulligan is (I believe) first cousins with Ottawa County Judge Bruce Winters!!

An additional advantage for the Dems is that Chris Redfern has a special interest in this area because he is a hometown boy and he uses all his influence within the State Democratic Party for infusions of cash to Dem. candidates in Ottawa County.

Lastly, when there is another candidate on the ballot running, you are right - Ottawa County Democrats are worse than Lucas County Democrats. Party loyalty trumps EVERYTHING.


Maybe it is high time to demand that all local elected officials and ALL court personnel including all lawyers submit to mandatory drug testing.

Just an idea.


No mention of race surprise surprise.