Charges pending in Fremont stabbing

Witnesses say fight was a result of ongoing animosity.
Jessica Cuffman
Aug 31, 2013


Prosecutors are weighing possible charges against suspects in a stabbing last weekend in Fremont.

At an initial fight at the Office Bar on State Street early Saturday morning, crowds fled the area as police arrived, and noone came forward with information about what happened, according to Fremont police reports.

About half an hour later, officers were dispatched to the 500 block of Jackson St., where those involved continued fighting. Police first encountered Billy Jones, 34, of Fremont, who was bleeding from the mouth, the report said.

The homeowner told police that Billy and a group of other men — including Raymond Jones, 31, and Timothy Brown, 33, both of Fremont — showed up at her home to fight her son, the report said. In the melee, Raymond — Billy’s brother — suffered a stab wound to the jaw and a wound to the arm, the report said. He was gone by the time police arrived.

Witnesses told police the fight stemmed from an ongoing disagreement between Billy and a relative. When Raymond later arrived at the hospital for treatment, officers went there to question him. He identified the man who allegedly stabbed him with a knife, according to a police report.

Billy also went to the hospital after suffering a possible broken wrist and cuts on his lip, and Brown was there, too, but he had no visible injuries, the report said.

The Jones brothers and a witness went to the police station on Thursday to talk to officers again. They told police the Jackson Street resident instructed the stabbing suspect to kill Raymond, because her son went to prison for 20 years in a case where he and Jones were co-defendants. Jones got the lesser sentence in that case, the police report said.

Witnesses told police the suspect has already left the state and is headed to Michigan, where he is on parole.

The case may be presented to a Sandusky County grand jury for a possible indictment.


Stop It

How is it that the SR gets and reports on more detailed news from Sandusky Co./Fremont City than the Fremont News Messenger does? I find it amusing at times. Other times just plain ignorant.

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Simple Enough II

Because the NewsMess will bend over backwards to not only kiss the black communities arse, butt they kiss their own in the process.


Maybe if you wash yours somebody might kiss yours instead of run


Ah, it sounds like a loving family. What is up with this type of behavior? And if one had died from the stabbing, we would have seen all kinds of relatives on TV telling us all what a great person he was.


For some reason, the News Messenger and Port Clinton News Herald do not report much local crime activity or news that some feel is important. And when they do, they don't mention the names of those involved. This has been a thorn in my side for awhile. I actually get more information from listening to a police scanner than I do from the News Herald. It's really not worth the paper it's printed on and is run by a small group of locals who report what they want when they want. It's more like a newsletter actually.