Cleveland man admits to stealing car

A Cleveland man was arrested Wednesday in Huron while allegedly driving under the influence of drugs in a stolen car, with two underage girls accompanying him.
Courtney Astolfi
Aug 30, 2013


Christopher Williams, 25, of the 3500 block of E. 113th St., was charged with receiving stolen property, possession of criminal tools and operating a vehicle under the influence.

Troopers from the Ohio State Highway Patrol's Sandusky post received a tip about a Dodge Caravan swerving all over the road at about 6 a.m. Wednesday, Highway Patrol Lt. Anthony DeChoudens said.

Troopers pulled the mini-van over as it headed west on Ohio 2, near the U.S. 6 exit in Huron. On approaching the car, troopers noticed the ignition lock had been popped out. They also found a pair of pliers and a screwdriver, DeChoudens said.

Williams later admitted he stole the vehicle before picking up the two 15-year-old passengers in Cleveland. Williams and both girls told troopers they did not know each other before Williams offered them a ride, DeChoudens said.

One of the girls had been reported missing in Cuyahoga County, DeChoudens said.

When asked where he was headed, Williams told troopers he was lost. A trooper administered numerous tests and found Williams was under the influence of narcotics, DeChoudens said.

Troopers had some difficulty locating the girls' relatives, and they're currently working with social workers from Erie and Cuyahoga counties.



Did these girls learn nothing from the Castro case?

he said she said

@transplant, apparently not. Kids today think they are invincible and nothing can hurt them.


Knowing today's kids, they probably never heard of Castro.


My grandchild tells me they teach stranger danger in school every year. These girls must have been absent that day.

Sitting In The ...

Sorry to break it to you but Castro's daughters were friends with both Gina and Amanda. He didn't pick them randomly he took them because he KNEW them.