Trouble on the Turnpike

Troopers say man hit, kicked, spit on them during incident on turnpike
Courtney Astolfi
Aug 22, 2013

A call about an armed man and an “officer down” on Wednesday afternoon prompted more than a dozen Ohio State Highway Patrol troopers and local authorities to descend on a local stretch of the Ohio Turnpike.

Anthony Strenger, 19, of Chicago, was charged with felonious escape of custody, vandalism to state property, assault on an officer, carrying a concealed weapon, resisting arrest and drug possession, as well as misdemeanor marijuana possession.

At about 4 p.m., a trooper from the Highway Patrol’s Milan post pulled over a vehicle driven by Kinlawyed Hendrix, 26, of Chicago, for speeding. The vehicle was driving in the westbound lanes of the Ohio Turnpike in Berlin Heights, and it was pulled over just west of Humm Road, Highway Patrol Lt. Brett Gockstetter said. When the trooper approached the rented Chevrolet Malibu, he smelled marijuana near the car. A second trooper arrived at the scene to assist, and a search of the front-seat passenger, Strenger, yielded suspected cocaine, marijuana, and a small semi-automatic pistol tucked into his waistband, Gockstetter said.

Strenger was handcuffed, but he then began to resist arrest, and he allegedly spit on Trooper Bryan Holden. Troopers successfully led him into their cruiser, and they returned to the Malibu to continue their search. Strenger, meanwhile, managed to kick out the cruiser’s backseat window, out of which he then tumbled. Troopers ran back to the cruiser, and Strenger apparently reconsidered his approach — he tried to climb back through the window and back into the cruiser, Gockstetter said.

He then allegedly kicked and hit troopers, who held him at bay as they waited for backup to arrive. Troopers from the Milan, Sandusky, Fremont, Norwalk and Elyria posts converged on the scene, as did Erie County deputies and Berlin Heights police. Strenger was taken to the Erie County jail, where he remains without bond.

As of Wednesday night, Hendrix and the vehicle’s second passenger were not charged with any crimes.



I am not exactly sure what you are referring to because most crimes are intra-racial. The upcoming march on Washington has nothing to do with the Zimmerman case and there was no desire to march over Martin. It was about SYG. However, since you brought it up, the cries of racism were caused by the way the Sanford police handled the case. They took the guy at his word, gave him his gun back and let him go. That did seem a bit racist to me. The way you want blacks to stop committing crime is just not going to happen. It's not even possible. It's the world we live in!


Racial profiling comes from white people who seem to think white people don't commit crimes also.

Stop It

By your standing corrected is noticed by me, deertracker and accepted. Not many in these comment sections do such.


Unlike some, I have no issue admitting when I am wrong about facts. Now if we could just get the "usual suspects" to admit there was no WMD!


Just some more High class Beauties!!! Didn't your mother teach you any better???!!!! You don't disrespect LE!!!!

Free Man

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Free Man

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Free Man

Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Personal attacks (including: name calling, presumption of guilt or guilt by association, insensitivity, or picking fights).


Actually the war on poverty has created these worthless kids, black, white, Hispanic and all. These are walking flesh with no morals, no respect for anyone or human life. When you give women more $$ for the more babies she can generate with sperm downer's no one could ever call daddies, this is what you get!

Licorice Schtick

Uh huh. No complains like that BEFORE the war on poverty, right?


Economic status is not the determining factor as to whether you have morals. The welfare you speak of is really outdated. It just does not work that way anymore.


Whew you get an incident like this and half the state troopers in the state show up. They probably put the Academy in Columbus on alert and hundreds more ready to roll from there. I bet there were no troopers, deputies, city police in a 20 miles radius from this indicent. A bit of overkill in response it seems. Must have been a huge parking lot of police cruisers at the site. Its like the incident in Cleveland where 100 + Cleveland police cars were chasing one car. If the paper has the numbers correct that was a huge outlay of tax payer resources and $$$ for one 18 yo male.


just another dumb stupid n word


A gun? From Chicago??? Guns are strictly controlled in Chicago and the State of Illinois. I call B.S.

@ Gardenman, please tend to the garden. When law enforcement deals with thugs like these, they want the numbers on there side! All law enforcement officers left the scene safe, a bad guy (with a gun) is off the street and cocaine was taken off the street! I say it's a win for the good guys.

As a state taxpayer, I want my law enforcement officers to come home safe. If that means showing up in excessive numbers, so be it.

Bet you could have handled this situation all by yourself with your garden shovel, right?


Bigsexy . All I am going to say in regards to you comment , is there can never be too many police when pulling over a car , If I might remind you of the late night shooting of a fine police officer as well as a father .So if they have a sitituation such as this as far as I am conerned , they still didnt have enough law enforcemnet at the scene , The guy had a gun and could have used it . .And this can happen at any traffic stop . Its a shame that people can not abide by the law


Let Ofc. Dunn rest in peace gene!


two ignorant druggies riding to heaven knows where in a rented car with a gun in their belt. Two idiot gangster want to be's who don't know any better and when they get stopped, have to be big shots with an unexpected cop just doing his job and hoping to go home to his family that night. Thank God the wanna be didn't use that gun in his waist band on that cop. Instead he threw a child's hissy fit in the car and when faced with more cops jumped right back in the cruiser for safety (some wanna be). LOL. Oh,yea,big and brave. Spitting, kicking like a sissy.

Moral of story.,..even a big man with a wanna be attitude and a gun is really a mama's boy sissy when the cops show up in force. Its all too much for him to take. He can't take the heat in little old Ohio and the cops go home, thank God. The wanna be's don't mean Spit.

editor note per request of Matt Westerhold: all people are presumed innocent until proven quilty including those indicated in this story

Matt Westerhold

A person charged with a crime is innocent until proven guilty, gramafun, and your comments don't reflect that. Please review the commenting guidelines carefully and keep them in mind for future posts.


yes sir


I was under the impression/understanding that innocent until proven guilty was how the courts had to (actually should) look at a defendant. The media has to use "accused" so they can't be sued in case the defendant is found not guilty or have the charges dropped. The individual/public would have the right to look at him (the accused) anyway they choose to. The police can lie to the perp to try to get them to give up information on what happened.. I would think the individual can express their opinion as they see fit. Am I wrong in this? I expect you to have a fair handle on what is legal on this since the paper has to deal with this quite often in how to refer to a defendant that is written about.

If this is just a rule of this site I would understand erring on the side of prudence and will comply, but am interested in what is actually legal.


Thank you for the comments on my behalf, kind sir. While I will do as Matt says because he is the boss on this. I read and re-read the guidelines on this and could not find anything saying that I should refer to this person as an "alledged" defendant in my comments. If I were a reporter for this newspaper, I would certainly be expected to do so. Please note that I am the only one who was singled out to be reprimanded for this problem while others are not. They are allowed to say what they think.
However, since Mr. Westerhold is the boss of this newspaper, I did comply with his wishes and abide by his rules as I did above and wait to see what answer he gives to your questions as well.


I don't expect Matt to answer as he is not a lawyer... and doesn't play one on TV. If the media states that someone is a drug dealer. or anything else BEFORE they are convicted of the crime, they set themselves up to be sued for libel... Not wort taking a chance.

An individual, not the judge ruling on any aspect of the case, can have whatever opinion they want any express their opinion. The newspaper then has the choice of printing it or not taking a chance. I don't blame them for not taking the chance. They have no upside for taking chances like that. In a way he is also looking out for you also by not letting you take the chance, be it unknowingly or not. There is no upside, for you, for that to be in print. The chance for it to go further would be almost nil... emphasis on ALMOST.


I totally understand, but the truth is, no one else whose comments were made contain "allegedly" or anything near that. I just went back and added it so from now on all my "crime" comments will contain that at the bottom of it. Just to keep the piece although the rules show nothing in them that states that specifically that I could find but since Matt says they do, I will comply.


Even when a person's name has been in the news for years, you still can't spell it. It's TRAYVON Martin. And by all the removed comments, there must have been alot of racial hate. Also, please learn the difference between, there, their and they're. It's not that hard.


It doesn't matter how it's spelled

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the unsilent ma...

Sparkling wiggles!

Licorice Schtick

I'd like to know the moron that started the rumor that a Trooper was shot and killed in this incident. Get facts straight before opening your mouth.


Thanks guys! Enough said.


LMAO, so which one of you told the moderator I made a racist comment? How racist is “ They should let him go so he can go back to Chicago and become a death statistic”