Grand jury indicts nine in Huron County

Residents of Willard, Sandusky, Avon, Ashland, Greenwich, Wakeman among those indicted.
Sandusky Register Staff
Aug 21, 2013


An indictment is merely a formal charge and does not denote guilt or innocence.

Those indicted:

• David Barnum, 38, 200 block Park St., Willard, rape.  
• Michael Creston, 30, 300 block Huron Ave., Sandusky, possession of heroin.   
• Dwain Perry, 37, 2400 block Alpha Road, Greenwich, possession of marijuana, trafficking in marijuana.   
• Katherine Frioud, 24, Avon, trafficking in heroin, possession of heroin.   
• Sarah Crabtree, 24, Avon, trafficking in heroin, with a vehicle   specification, possession of heroin.
• Patrick Belt, 19, Ashland, breaking and entering, tampering with evidence.
• Elizabeth Lee, 27, 5800 block U.S. 20, Wakeman, possession of heroin.
• Ronald Ruff, 35, 2500 block Niver Road, Willard, possession of cocaine base.
• Dustin Hanson, 29, 200 block S. Main St., Willard, possession of heroin.



What did I tell you: heroin haven. Willard


Reading this makes me think of the movie Half Baked. "You in here for some MARIJUANA???" Wow all this heroin is very scary to me.