Body found in burning van

Erie County Sheriff's deputies investigating
Jun 30, 2013

UPDATED 4:47 p.m.: The death is an apparent suicide, Erie County Sheriff Paul Sigsworth said. Deputies went to the home of the vehicle owner, a 33-year-old Norwalk woman, and found a suicide note. Officials are not releasing the name of the woman pending positive identification by the coroner.

UPDATED 4:27 p.m.: A significant development based on evidence found at the scene of the possible homicide at Milan Wildlife Area on Lovers Lane may lead investigators to identifying the vehicle and its owner soon. Erie County Sheriff Paul Sigsworth declined to comment on what that evidence may be.

Authorities continue to track down ownership of the charred vehicle, which has been identified as a Ford Windstar.

An autopsy will be conducted on the body Monday.

UPDATED 10:50 a.m.: The body and the van are burned beyond recognition, authorities said. They could not immediately determine the make and model of the van. The body was found in the back seat of the van, and investigators said they have not yet determined if the victim is a man or a woman.

Erie County coroner Brian Baxter and Sheriff Paul Sigsworth are at the scene.  


A badly charred body was found inside a vehicle this morning after firefighters extinguished the flames.

The burning van was discovered along Lover's Lane Road just north of the Erie-Huron county line at about 6 a.m., Erie County Sheriff Paul Sigsworth. A passing motorist saw a plume of smoke and called 911, he said. 

Detectives and the Bureau of Criminal Investigation are on the scene. 

"We're just getting started with this investigation," Sigsworth said. 

Check back here at for updates and get Monday's Register for more information as it becomes available. 



Lord Help Us! What is happening to our community??? Why is this evil falling on us????

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The Hero Zone

One reason may be that simply our population is getting larger. Let's say that 2% of society in general is predisposed/destined to be a criminal. Well, while that percentage is fixed the population is rising causing more criminals as the borders/land mass across which they can spread hasn't grown.

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The Hero Zone

Perhaps to amend this a bit, too, it wouldn't be "just" criminal activity but all activity. While hopefully not a murder, the other option isn't really fun either, eh? Whatever else it is, it's a shame. Let's hope for a speedy resolution so we can all learn something and better our own lives from the experience.


We should probably wait for more details. This could be domestic!

my oh my



How do you know? Where are you getting your info? Not saying you're wrong, just wondering.


male or female this death is tragic. How sad for the family of the victim. Whoever did that deserves exactly what they get.


i agree with deertracker i would definitely wait for more details whos to say this isnt a suicide or something


Next question: Why is someone down at Lovers Lane at 6am??


Not everybody has a 9-5 life. Could be someone going to work, coming home from work, yes, even on the week/end.


There is "traffic" in and out of there all hours of the day. Sad.


suicide??? i would venture to guess this isn't a suicide....domestic, possible. i don't know if i agree with the whole population increase theory either, our population is actually probably dropping as everyone in the area has moved away to find work or to escape the rats that are now crawling all over our neighborhoods killing and destroying our neighborhoods...just an opinion though, not a fact.


Would you look at that..........Just take a look at apparent suicide.


Suicide note or not this is NOT a suicide! Its common sense, NO ONE is going to set their self on fire and suffer like that versus taking a handful of pills and dying. Someone done this to her! Our world has taken a major plummet and people are sick.....I hope they catch the MURDERER because ill bet my life that's exactly what it is!


Such a terrible tragedy, REST IN PEACE


Why not? people have set themselves on fire before.


it is a homicide fixed to look like a suicide.

We'll just have to wait on details.

Clark W. Griswald

I think someone needs to cut back on the CSI reruns ...

Eph 2 8-10

Oh yes they do. A high school class mate did the same thing about 40 years ago.


Prayers for the family




Just pray for the persons children! How terribly sad:-(


Yeh I definitely am not buying suicide..I dont know anyone that writes their suicide note at home, hops in a mini van, drives from norwalk to sandusky, pulls off in a secluded spot, crawls up in the back seat and sets themselves on fire...I just don't see it...I can see someone forcing her to write a note, taking her there killing her in the back seat and lighting the van on fire. To me that is more plausible, but what do I know.

Clark W. Griswald

What are you, some kind of suicide expert?


They do if they don't want their kids or other family memeber to find them.


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Well then u wld be wrong.


Regardless of what situation took place whether it be suicide or otherwise (and i know in reading other comments on other stories im wasting my breath) please try and be considerate when making your comments as im sure family members and possibly this persons young kids may see the comments made. During their time of suffering hatefulness isn't what needs to be spread.


Agreed to howcanthisbe....this a young woman's life that was taken no matter how it happened she has young children & a family. It's a very sad situation :( please just pray for her entire family ❤


May she rest in peace and prayers of comfort for her family