Victim calls beating gay bashing

Man says assailants repeatedly called him 'faggot' as they brutally pummeled him outside convenience store.
Jun 20, 2013



A Norwalk man brutally beaten outside a local convenience store Monday morning said he is certain the attackers targeted him because of his sexual orientation.   

“It was pretty much a hate crime,” said the victim, asking the Register not to identify him for fear of retaliation. “I was targeted because of the way I am.” 

Unlike some other states, Ohio has no law making it a hate crime to target someone because of his or her sexual orientation. 

Shortly before 4 a.m. Monday, two men attacked the 22-year-old victim just outside the front doors of the 7-Eleven on Camp Street.  

Police later arrested Angel Kennedy, 23, of the 200 block of McDonough St., and Neno Miller, 18, of the 2200 block of Mills St., charging them with aggravated robbery, criminal trespass and obstruction. Kennedy received an additional charge of criminal damaging.

The victim said he and his friend went to the store for a late-night snack run.

 Inside the store, they were confronted by two customers — later identified as Kennedy and Miller — who allegedly began calling them “faggots.” 

The victim said he and his friend ignored the taunts, finished their purchase and walked out the door. But the two men followed close behind, asking the victim for a lighter. When he couldn’t provide one, his friend offered to purchase one to just be finished with the interaction. 

When the victim’s friend turned to re-enter the store to buy a lighter, the men allegedly lunged at them.

“Everything happened so quick,” the victim said. “They punched me in the head so many times and kicked me in the face.” 

He suffered several abrasions to the face and a cut to his chin, which later required several stitches, according to a Sandusky police report. 

The assailants grabbed the victim’s wallet and then fled on foot, the report said.  

Police arrived and spotted the attackers running in the 600 block of Shelby St., but officers were ultimately unable to catch them. A Shelby Street resident approached officers during the search and said he awoke to crashing noises in his yard. 

The resident said one of the suspects, later identified as Kennedy, came to his bedroom window and said, “Man I’m only 16, and got jumped by 10 dudes at 7-Eleven, they were chasing me man,” the police report said. 

The resident said he tried to stall the suspect, but the man fled when a police cruiser’s lights swept the property.  

Police went to the emergency room and got statements from the victims. About two hours later, officers got a call from the same Shelby Street resident, who said the two suspects had just returned to his yard in search of baseball hats they lost during the chase.  

Officers arrived and quickly arrested Kennedy and Miller, who witnesses identified as the alleged assailants.   

The victim and his friend made it clear they believe they were targeted because they are gay. The victim said the assailants took his wallet as more of an afterthought, tossing it aside after they fled and stealing nothing.

In Ohio, hate crime laws do not include a provision protecting people based on sexual orientation, Sandusky police detectives said. Race, color, religion and national origin are the only protected groups under Ohio’s ethnic intimidation law.

“I was targeted because of who I am,” the victim said. “Who’s it going to be next time?”



The law protects everyone equally. Hate crime legislation is feel good legislation that is actually unconstitutional. Adding years onto a criminal's sentence simply because he "targeted" the person due to race, color, creed, etc... tries to make those people "more" equal and thus makes everyone else less equal.

Why was this person attacked and not this other one? Does it matter? The criminal attacked someone and should be punished. We shouldn't add time to a sentence because the criminal is also a bigoted SOB. All assaults and murders are hate crimes.

Simple Enough II

I agree, equal protection under the law, assault is assault no matter the reason.

Simple Enough II



Well said, Joker.

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Miller been on here before ?

your master

These boys are just need another chance. In a way they are victims too.


Ha.Ha.Ha." Another chance" @ what, maybe>KILLING and not just a gang of thugs>Beating
Ha.Ha.Ha. "Another chance"

your master

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BTW these "boys", as you commented, are considered>MEN. And COWARDS they remain.

S w Rand 2016

re: your master @ Thu, 06/20/2013 - 6:33am "These boys are just need another chance. In a way they are victims too"

....................Are you serious? Your comment, even though it comes from a die-hard supporter of President Obama, still surprises me a little.
Here I was, thinking you were just semi-innocently fooled by the oncoming waves of media pundits and opinion bloggers. It would seem that I may also be susceptible to some degree of naivety.

You do realize that you are making this comment while also continuing to support the very president who signed the Food Safety and Modernization Act (which is an assault on EVERYONE's well-being)?
This is the law which allows the FDA to force you to dispose of any organic food that you are serving to people, whether for profit or not. Yeah, the law which also allows the FDA to raid your vitamin supplement store and seize your products regardless of whether there is any proof that they are contaminated and, even IF they WERE contaminated, arrest you whether you knew it or not.

I am just wondering whether or not this indicates some sort of a pattern where you are willing to forgive injustices as long as they are committed by Black people (or African-Americans, depending on your preference). I hope it is just a coincidence.
P.S. I am sorry if I seem to be harsh. I am merely questioning. And it just seemed as if, by "another chance," you meant that they should not be incarcerated. I mean, what else should I conclude?

God Of Thunder

Thugs like this only like to gang up on 1 person at a time, they cant't handle 1-on-1... So they waited for the friend to go back into the store, and then they turned into 'real' men.

your master

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You could delete every comment with idiotic rules that broad. "insensitivity" ???? are you freaking kidding??

How about this: Your removal of this comment was INSENSITIVE to his feelings and opinions. I believe your removal comment is INSENSITIVE and will therefore report it


I bet if these two scumbags were beat on by two white gay guys it would be a hate crime. The NAACP would blow up this board!

Simple Enough II

Yup, they sure would, and they would be marching the streets of Sandusky from 1 bus stop to the next that is.

your master

There is no reason that white people can't demonstrate and march for injustices committed against us.


What a quaint thought!! You weren't really serious were you?

Whites demonstrating and marching to support their right to be white and not be persecuted for it?

Perfect way to get labeled a WHITE SUPREMICIST and get beat down by liberal and black counter-protesters.

Whites marching as you described, peacefully to protest anti-white bias would be INVESTIGATED BY THE OBAMA DOJ as a HATE GROUP

Then Obama would go on national TV and call such whites a THREAT TO DEMOCRACY


Well typically two white gay men aren't going to beat them. But I get your point.


A NORWALK man beaten outside a convenient store NEAR his home on Camp St?? Huh??? Is he from Norwalk or sandusky?? "Late night snack"??? 4am is early morning to most hard working Americans.... Are you really that ignorant to be walking the streets of that toilet of a city ?? Is anyone else more surprised at that the people who are surprised this happened?? Should you be able to goto 7-11 at any hour of the day??? Of course, but not in sandusky....

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Reads like a robbery to me.

S w Rand 2016

I agree with you, sir.
Whether or not the attackers think gay people are "weird" seems irrelevant in this case. The very fact that the victims offered to buy their soon-to-be attackers a lighter tells me that the victims gave off a submissive vibe. The predators sensed prey and would've pounced on them either way.

They should stick to assault and robbery. We shouldn't make a mockery of our court nor diminish the consistency of the peoples' integrity in regards to their ability to exercise reasonable judgment (which is the basis of self-governance).

he said she said

Pure ignorance. People don't like what they don't know. If the story is true about the kids being gay and they got beat for that, it is a hate crime and I don't care what the state says or doesn't say. Does this mean that if this kid starts a gay pride march to protest his being beaten that there will be a riot because all gay people should be beaten?

Growing up in Sandusky, if there was a problem between two people, we had our fisticuffs and the problem was solved--ONE ON ONE. You either beat the hell out of the person you were fighting or they did you but there weren't any other people involved. There was none of this being jumped by two or more people. Just proves that somebody can't handle themselves in a fight. I always thought a 'thug' was one that could handle themselves and didn't need back-up. Guess I better check the dictionary again, huh?


Deertracker and he said she said: You two are on point! I am so sick and tired of people getting on here making everything about if it was "2 whites" or "2 blacks" what this group will do or that one. As a white woman, we have never seen or heard of the NAACP marching down the streets in Sandusky, so please stop trying to insight a race riot on this blog. These were 2 cowardly and pathetic individuals who probably targeted these men because of their sexuality...point blank...period! Nothing to do with black or white! They should be punished to the fulliest and taken off the streets to not be able to target anyone for their sexuality, race, religion, or hard earned money again. They are "thugs" by definition of society and should be taken off the streets, not because of the NAACP, White Supremacist Groups, or nothing else.


Well said!!!!


Not shocking for these two at all...


Sorry, but most times it is about who you are. AND the race issue has gotten much worse (in this area) than it was in the 50's and 60's. At school everyone was equal. It is only now that certain people feel they can do anything and get away with it because they are different. I think there are more race issues than ever. If you want equality among all, then just treat everyone the same and stop playing the "it's because I'm black, white, gay, fat, handicapped, etc game.


I wonder, why were these people out at 4 a.m. for a snack? Ever heard of sleeping? Go to bed at a decent hour and get up and go to work. In my opinion, these streets should be empty of people and cars after the bars close. Around here, if you are out at that time of morning without some legitimate reason, you are just asking for trouble. And what were the two guys who committed the crime doing out at 4 a.m.? Go home people and stay there!


Some people work the night shift. That must be a strange thing to you?

he said she said

I can't speak for those that were involved, but did you ever think that someone like me, who worked third shift for so many years, can't get their clock to change back to what you say is 'normal' sleeping hours? Being up and outside at 3 a.m. is normal for me and being at 7-11 at 4 would be normal for me also if I wanted to go. So from your post, I'm just supposed to stay home when I'm wide awake and you are sleeping??


to you and Blues...I understand shift work very well. I have worked that shift as well as late shifts. I may be a bit more organized than some people and get my necessary items during the daylight hours, especially with all the crime after dark in this town...just saying. I am a late night person and often stay up until 3 or 4 a.m. but I would not go out around here at that time. No disrespect intended for those who work late shifts. I also understand that some people start their shifts early in the morning. reason to make those stops if planning ahead. Get some snacks to keep on hand for those occasions when one might get the munchies in the middle of the night.


Graveyard shifters very seldom see the light of day. On my days off, I'd go to 24 hour Walmart to do my shopping at 3:30 - 4:00 AM. One doesn't even have the hustle and bustle and checkout is instantaneous. If the stores weren't open, we would HAVE to do as you say. I shouldn't have to be intimidated to not go wherever I want, whenever I want as long as the place is open.

he said she said

transplant: I'm glad you understand shift work. I'm also glad that you thought ahead and bought your snacks so you don't have to go out at night. Me, I prefer to reserve my right to leave my house without the fear of someone attacking me in what is my daytime. I have gone grocery shopping in the wee hours of the morning and I have looked at cars in lots where the last person to leave locked up at 8 or 9 pm. These two that attacked the other two are cowards and I am not nor will I be intimidated by anyone.

It is your choice to lock yourself in your home nice and tight at night so the boogeyman won't get you. Don't forget this though, the boogeyman comes out in the day light too.......


@transparent, so let me get this straight...Because these guys were out at 4am getting a "snack" they deserve what the got!?! Come on, did you think that up on your own? And btw, no one cares what your opinion it because you are an idiot.


I am absolutely not saying they deserved what they got. Just saying it is not always the safest place to go out after dark. are kind of mean. You say "no one cares what your opinion it....and you did say "it". (now who is the idiot?) You must or you would not have read it or replied to it. Thank you for your comments, though. I will definitely take them to heart....NOT.


Yes your supposed to stay in your house if you don't want to get robbed at this time of the night. They still have to be held responsible for the crime but this ain't Mayberry.


Yes OH-IO, we must stay in the house after dark, behind our locked door, with our tin foil hats to be safe! HUGE props to the Shelby street man that reported this to the police! 2 THUGS down and many more to go!!


Regardless of sexual orientation, what they done is completely wrong and unjust. I hope they are both punished by the maximum terms the law allows. We as citizens, need to learn to live together not against one another. You may not agree with someone's sexuality, gender or race, that doesn't mean go out and cause harm to them. I will feel much safer at night with these thugs behind bars.


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Jackel: You and that TboneWalker "thing" need to stay hidden in your country barns somewhere with the animals and stop commenting on the people of Sandusky who has helped to make this town a great place to live. It is the times we live in ANY city, not just Sandusky, and it happens to every race, creed, religious beliefs, etc. I can proudly call you an IDIOT and an IGNORANT moron who needs to go and build your home on the moon somewhere instead of trying race bash and cause trouble for our community. So what if we have a "black" in the white house! I can speak as a white woman who have lived through 4 white presidents and their were more white on white crimes than there were black on whites. You are so and the "Tbonewalker" coward!


I just love the comment sections on this newspapers site. They give me great belly laughs.


Sandusky is getting as bad a Cleveland! We need to start cracking down on those who do these kinds of crime. This town should not tolerate thugs who look to do others harm in the dead of night! Sandusky used to be a safe quiet community as I remember growing up in the 50's and 60's. Not anymore!!


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I know these two victims and neither is white, and one works a 12hr midnight shift. So he is use to being up at that hour. So enough with the black vs white card. He was assaulted for the simple fact that he was gay, nothing more.


Hooray to you Jmschmidt812! We are a great community of a great diverse population standing strong. We don't need this crap and race bashing from this ignorant minded people who are blogging from afar and don't even live in our community.


7-11 is the most ghetto place. It should just be shut down. Also, is stinks!

Charlie Watson

No matter the time of day or location, a crime committed because of ignorance and hate is still a crime committed because of ignorance and hate, whether state law recognizes crime motivated by ignorance and hate or not. If one has never had the experience of being selected for assault because of ignorance and hate one may not be able to comment intelligently on the topic.


WAKE UP YET SANDUSKY? I CHALLENGE and DARE the register to publish the racial breakdown of ALLEGED offenders arrested, charged and/or convicted for violent crimes.

Per the 2010 Census, Sandusky is about 22% black. I can GUARANTEE you that the % of ALLEGED violent crime offenders is at least DOUBLE THAT.

WHY? Not racism or stereotyping as liberals and dems or the MODERATORS will assume in deleting this legitimate objective post.

FACT - Nationwide blacks are 12% of the population.

FACT - Nationwide that 12% of the population commits 50% of all the MURDERS and 50% of VIOLENT CRIME. that is a FACT, with SOURCES BELOW and therefore can NOT be considered "racist" or a "stereitype"

SIMPLE MATH - IF the Sandusky black population is almost double the national average, the portion of Sandusky's murders and violent crime will be WELL OVER 50%.

Educated guess? about 75%

TOLEDO is about 24% black and per MANY SOURCES including the DOJ Uniform Crime Report, Toledo Blade Violent Crime and Homicide Database and even Lucas County Sheriffs offender list:

BLACKS in Toledo account for more than 75% of Toledo's violent crime and murders


Does BLACK SKIN cause violent crime? obviously NO but only a complete idiot or liberal would ignore the OBVIOUS

Do whites commit violent crimes? OF COURSE, yet when someone DARES to mention BLACK crime, liberals and other assorted PC idiots immediately read into that "whites do not commit crimes"

YES, WHITES COMMIT VIOLENT CRIMES and BLACKS commit WAY TOO MUCH violent crime. IN fact blacks commmit DOUBLE THE VIOLENT CRIME OF WHITES even though whites outnumber blacks SIX to ONE.

MODERATORS - There is not one thing in this post that violates the rules. No racism, no stereotyping but reporting of FACTS with SOURCES PROVIDED unlike 99% of the other posts that say unsubstantiated things.

just because you don't like this post doesn't give you the legitimate right per Register rules to delete it.

Yes, you can abuse the authority given you or stretch the intent of the rules to claim this post is "insensitive" but in deleting it you are HIDING the truth and directing attention away from the problem

By doing that YOU are enabling it to continue and the body count to escalate. Guess who 90% of the VICTIMS OF BLACK VIOLENT CRIME ARE?

OTHER BLACKS. By deleting posts like this in order to silence the messenger YOU ARE MAIMING AND KILLING BLACKS

Guess who THAT makes the real racist?

FBI DOJ report on Homicide Trends in the United States

FBI DOJ Bureau of Justice Statistics


TboneWalkerJr: I am a WHITE WOMAN speaking LOUD to your ignorance...go fly to the moon with your statics and ineffective means to recruit people to your pathetic and cowardly minded group. This is not the 19th century, but the 21st century and we all (all God's people of every race, religion and sexual orientation) stand strong against your antics and means to destroy others. You all are like a dog that has a loud bark, but if we stomp our feet at you, you run the other direction with your tails between your legs wailing. It is evident here with your comments on the blogs posted on the register every time there is something posted with an african american. If you were so proud of yourself and your demonic group, you would post who you really are instead of hiding behind that stage name. Stay out of our family affair here in Sandusky! We will work together here to get rid of the "thuggish" crime committers here to protect our innocent community members. We do not need your help!


If there is a God? You have to prove that one.

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The reason atheists are bothered by people believing in God is because God is actively pursuing them.

A loving God does exist and can be known in an intimate, personal way.

The fact is, you don’t want to know him.

“And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.


uh, yeah, right.

* eyeroll*


You may want to extend your "research" a bit. Numerous studies have confirmed the correlation between poverty and crime, NOT race. Comparing primarily "white" neighborhoods and "African American/minority" neighborhoods with high poverty rates showed the same high crime rates and conversely white and African American neighborhoods in more affluent neighborhoods had lower crime rates for both. So, when you take into account that African Americans in Ohio live in poverty at nearly three times the rate of whites(44%/15%), it isn't really surprising that the crime rates are higher overall. If you're so bent out of shape about crime that you have to hit the cap key nonstop, perhaps you should direct your ire at the poverty in our state and country.


What I find amazing, is that the paper will print out the word "fa -- ot" and "f-- " . That's okay. Their filter prevents me from using it.

However, the " N " word is off limits, so much so, that you have to refer to it as the " N " word.

Double Standard, much?

Just where is the NAACP to express their outrage on this?

Oh, that's right.. they won't.

Maybe we all need the NAAWP.



The idea that "The law protects everyone equally. Hate crime legislation is feel good legislation that is actually unconstitutional" is poor logic and probably the weakest case that all laws protect all people the same way. The specificity of law is as essential as the law itself if it is to identify the criminal and punish them according to their motivation. To say that laws against hate crimes is "feel good legislation" and should therefore not be identified as such is an attempt to mask their intent and a refusal to recognize the victim based on personal values or prejudices. These types of laws are in place precisely because historically these targeted groups: women, blacks, homosexuals, children and the elderly were either easy targets for abuse or because the law refused to identify them as people with rights that could claim damages. A crime is a crime and naturally should be punishable by law, but to remove the motive is a refusal or denial to identify with the victim based on personal beliefs or prejudices.