Trashing kittens nets cruelty charge

Prominent Norwalk businessman in court faces an animal cruelty charge after he allegedly tossed several newborn kittens into garbage can.
Tom Jackson
Jun 11, 2013


Huron police filed one count of cruelty to animals, a second-degree misdemeanor, against Frank W. Mount, 64, of Norwalk, owner of the Mount Insurance Agency.

Officers went to the scene after a trash collector refused to haul away the baby cats and called the dog pound instead.

The kittens could not be saved and had to be euthanized, Erie County Dog Warden Barb Knapp said.

Mount appeared in Huron Municipal Court June 4, where he asked for a continuance rather than entering a plea. Court records show he’s scheduled for a pretrial hearing July 9, before Judge William Steuk.

On Monday, Mount said he has no comment.

Huron officer James Bowens was dispatched to the 1100 block of Mudbrook Road shortly after noon May 20. 

FSI Waste employee Steve Lopez told police he was on his trash pickup route when he encountered a man who was next to some kittens lying on dead shrubbery on the ground. When Lopez didn’t pick up the kittens and shrubbery, the man confronted him, Lopez said. 

When Lopez told the man the kittens and shrubbery were not trash and that another truck handles yard waste, the man picked up the kittens and shrubbery and stuffed them into the trash can designated for yard waste, the report stated.

When Bowens arrived, he saw only shrubbery sticking from the waste can. But then he got closer.   

“As I approached the can, I could hear several of the kittens crying in the bottom of the can,” Bowens wrote. “The shrubbery was lifted out of the can and we located several kittens that had just been born. The umbilical cords were still attached to the kittens and were wrapped up in the shrubbery.”

A woman at the scene identified Mount as the man who took out the trash. Police told the woman the kittens should have been transported to the Humane Society.

Knapp said she tried to locate the kittens’ mother and could not. Several grown cats at the scene ran away, and it was unclear if one was the mother.

A veterinarian determined the kittens had to be euthanized.

“The vet said they were way too young,” Knapp said. “They were suffering.”

Knapp does not have a contract to work as the city of Huron’s humane officer, so instead of filing a charge herself she advised police to file one. 



If I had insurance with Mount, I would cancel it immediately. What a heartless man Frank Mount is to do that to newborn kittens! If you can do that to newborn kittens, how do you treat your family? I feel sorry for any grandchildren you have. I'm certain they'd be quite upset to hear what you have done! Shame on you, Frank Mount!

Football Fan 44089

Absolutely. Everyone who has a policy with his agency should cancel it immediately because if they don't then that's as good as saying they are ok with what he's done. How could anyone today actually say to themselves, "I should send some business his way."???

Julie R.

Why does it say that Mount is a prominent Norwalk businessman? If it's the Mount I know, he's from Huron ~ even graduated from Huron. Mount Insurance Agency is also in Huron.

That said, what a dirt-bag to do something as cruel as that ---- and hats off to the FSI Waste employee Steve Lopez and Mr. Bowens for reporting it. Good job, guys.


I am not sure I understand euthanizing those babies. I bottle fed six newborn kittens right from birth because their mother died. They all ended up healthy and happy. What vet was it?


Sorry got the story mixed up with another ABUSE case but you are exactly right TRANSPLANT they did not have to be euthanized. I'm sure they will say something was wrong with them.

nosey rosey

Scum bag. I understand that cats can become a nuisance but there are better ways and better people who certainly would have helped these innocent creatures. I agree, if I had an insurance policy with this idiot, I would drop it in a heart beat.


I hope they throw the book at him. What a jerk.


The poor innocent kittens were doomed if they were taken to the humane society! The HS has been keeping a low-profile recently after all the criticism over funding and euthanization rates. They had no chance if the main doctor at the hs got his hands on them!

thinkagain's picture

In North Ridgeville the Humane Officer would have shot them where they lay...


doggie mom

Just like Huron, People complain of "The Entitlement Generation" that city is where it stems from...Shame on you for feeling you have the RIGHT to discard those breathing kittens...I hope you learn what it feels like to become trash.


That's just sick!! How can anyone be that cruel and inhuman?? I can understand if you don't want a litter of kittens you take them to the Humane Society or the Pound or do something with them but you don't tie them in a garbage bag and throw them out!! And I agree with Lissa I would immediately cancel any insurance policy that I had with this guy. What a complete jerk!! And to Transplant - if the kittens had been in the bag any length of time or had been injured from being in there with other garbage maybe that's why they had to be euthanized. Better to do that than have them suffer as sad as that is. I hope they make this guy pay!!!


Why do any of us have insurance? To get us through some kind of a crisis. What do we need as much as money in such an event? An empathetic agent who can appreciate how we feel and who works WITH us, never AGAINST us.

Why does anybody have insurance today through Mr. Mount given what happened earlier? No clue. If he's able to discard innocent living breathing creatures as trash, trust me: He SURE as heck doesn't care about YOU! Your premium payments? THOSE he'll care about. But YOU? Toss those claims in the trash with the kittens if you think he'd give a happy rat's a$$!

Julie R.

How about the Huron insurance agent ~ working in collusion with a couple of FRAUD power of attorneys also from Huron ~ that cash surrendered in 3 life insurance policies of my elderly mother's that had a $100K face value when she was totally incompetent two months before her death for $12,033.00 on a forged power of attorney that wasn't even filed in the Erie County Recorder --- instead they wrote "Power of Attorney" next to bogus Erie County Recorder numbers faxed down on the side of it. (and that was NOTHING compared to the criminal transfers of money and criminal changes that were made to the other 6 contracts .......... not to mention what a manager ~ another Huronite ~ did at a Huron bank)

People in Sandusky don't even know a tenth of what those jokes at the Erie County courthouse allow Huronites to get away with.

be for real

now thats funny stuff hahahahahaha

Julie R.

If you're an insurance agent and you think it's funny stuff to criminally defraud an elderly client at the end of her life and even cash surrender in all of her life insurance policies two months before her death on a forged power of attorney with bogus Erie County recorder numbers faxed down the side of it, better not tell any of your clients that.

Julie R.

You aren't the only one from Huron that thinks crimes against the elderly are hilarious, so do the jokes at the Erie County courthouse.


It was only a matter of time before she made it about her fantasy.


First of all this is a horrible story and Frank should be held accountable by HURON muni court.
Secondly, this disgusting act happened in HURON. Frank is from HURON, the family is a HURON family and the Mount Insurance Agency is in HURON and Norwalk. Frank Mount is anything but a prominent Norwalk businessman. I bet if Tom Jackson would have done a little more research he probably could have concluded that the majority of the Norwalk residents don't even know this "prominent Norwalk businessman".




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Julie R.

Don't be so sure that he will get off with a slap on the wrist. Huron has a new judge, you know. I don't know him but I heard Steuk is a very good judge. I also have enjoyed some of the articles that he has written in the Huron Hometown News about unethical attorneys and judges. He even gave the address of where they should be reported.

I also know quite a few Huronites that sure got their noses cut off when he took over!


"Huron has a new judge, you know. I don't know him but I heard Steuk is a very good judge. I also have enjoyed some of the articles that he has written in the Huron Hometown News about unethical attorneys and judges. He even gave the address of where they should be reported.

I also know quite a few Huronites that sure got their noses cut off when he took over!"

Very interesting comment. An honest and ethical judge in corrupt Ohio?
Is this the Ohio judge that you are referring to Julie R.,?

Julie R.

For some reason I couldn't get on that link you provided but I did find out that the new Huron judge is also an attorney with a certain Sandusky law firm. Because of that, I guess I'm going to have to change my tune. Looks like the entitled Huronites didn't get their big noses cut off after all.

Julie R.

Hey Centauri, thanks for that link. Had it not been for that I probably never would have looked up the profile of the new Huron municipal court judge. Good way of staying informed, right?

If the Sandusky law firm he belongs to is the one located in downtown Sandusky, that was the law firm that a couple of attorneys came from that filed a scam Motion in the common pleas court months after that court-ordered scam sheriff sale of my deceased mother and stepfather's property took place. The stupid Motion basically whined that their realtor client tried to get title insurance and was denied because of "clouds over the title" and they made it sound like the "clouds over the title" were because of the complaints that were filed prior to the scam sale. The motion even threatened that if I didn't dismiss my complaints their client wasn't going to keep the property.

I say it was a SCAM because it was a flat-out lie. It wasn't a lie that their client was denied title insurance (and wow, was he ever) but that didn't happen until weeks later. It was when I called the attorneys bluff and demanded the title search report they claimed had been done which is when they and their client(s) knew they had to follow through with one. (and title searches don't come cheap --- especially when they already knew title insurance would be denied -- chuckle-chuckle)

If it wasn't for SCAMS in corrupt Erie County, I don't know what attorneys and the Erie County courts would do!


creepy & inhumane , this man is truly scum & should be punished.

Football Fan 44089

I checked the Ohio Revised Code and a 2nd degree misdemeanor's maximum penalty is 90 days in jail and a $750 fine. That's it; that's the most the owner of the soon to be going out of business Mount Insurance Agency can get.

thinkagain's picture

Another day, another lesson in hypocrisy.

Mistreat a dog or cat and it is considered cruel and inhumane (rightly so). Public is outraged.

Mutilate and kill your unborn child and you have the full blessing of the United States justice system. Crickets chirping…


No argument. That being said, cruelty to animals statistically often sees the perpetrator "graduate" to cruelty to children. Liberals may love their abortions, but they also claim to love children. Well, at least once they're actually born. Uhm...actually born and older than a few minutes. Hours? Whatever.

Okay, yes: Hypocrites. Doesn't mitigate what THIS scumbag did, but you're right!

swiss cheese kat's picture
swiss cheese kat

True. Hypocrisy at its finest.

be for real

Atleast these cats wont be getting into peoples trash or stinking up flower beds.People should have to be responsible for their pets.If they want them which is fine, they should have to keep them in house or cage.


Really? You're about as classy as Frank Mount. There is something fundamentally wrong with you if you don't have compassion for newborn kittens.


Tell me where you live, Lissa. I'll use humane trapping cages to catch all the feral cats around here and bring them to you. Then you can care for them and cherish their lil kitter litters as well.

Julie R.

Not that it excuses the cruelty behind this, but I don't see anything about the kittens being born to a feral cat. So wouldn't it have been a lot simpler for Mount to spend a few bucks and get his cat fixed instead of throwing new-born kittens in the trash?

Once again, hats off to the waste management guys for calling the cops on this sadistic idiot.


If I had my insurance with Mount I would be in his office first thing in the morning to cancel it, and would tell him why! He will get a slap on the wrist with Ohio's weak animal abuse laws, so I hope he will get hit where it counts......his wallet!