Oak Harbor woman jumps from car

Alcohol-fueled argument with boyfriend led to leap
Jun 9, 2013


An Oak Harbor woman hit the pavement Monday during a drunken dispute with her boyfriend as he drove her home from a Port Clinton bar.

The couple were driving on Ohio 19 a little before midnight when the woman, 31, opened the car door and began to climb out, according to an Ottawa County deputy’s report. She was quickly dragged onto the road, sustaining deep abrasions on her legs and hands, although she suffered no serious injuries. The woman refused to return to the car and started walking toward her home.

When her boyfriend, 25, arrived at his home, he called deputies and asked them to check on her whereabouts, according to the report. They found her at her Portage Street home. She said she asked her boyfriend to stop the car so she could leave, but he refused, so she tried to get out.

Deputies then contacted her boyfriend, who said he tried to slow the car when she opened the door, but it was too late. He, too, said her feet got caught in the road, dragging her onto the pavement.

The man and the woman were both visibly intoxicated, according to the report. The woman refused medical treatment. No charges were filed.


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My guess is he is saying she's not a rocket scientist. I wondered about the boyfriend admitting he was driving and that he was visibly intoxicated when they talked to him and I asked an officer that is a friend of mine why they didn't get him for drunk driving. He said they had to actually see him driving and pull him over.


why no dui charges if visibly intoxicated and admitted she jumped out of car he was driving ??