Alleged peeper at Fremont tanning spa arrested

Man took photos of women getting undressed.
Jun 9, 2013


A Pemberville man accused of taking pictures of women as they undressed in tanning salons faces at least four counts of voyeurism.

Casey Miller, 26, faces one count in Fremont and three of the charges in Bowling Green.

Bowling Green police uncovered the case when they found pictures taken at Tan Pro on Sean Street in Fremont. They then contacted Fremont police May 14, according to a police report.

Miller, a customer at the salon, used his fingerprint to check into the salon, where he would photograph other customers over the walls between booths, which do not extend to the ceiling, Fremont police Detective Jason Kiddey said.

Detective Dean Bliss investigated the case, while Kiddey served Miller with the charges June 3. Miller was booked and released on his own recognizance.



Yuck, he looks so pleased with himself. What a creep.


Another GREAT reason to not fake bake! (Must have been some GOOD pix for him to be arrested and STILL SMILING)


The people who he photographed didn't hear the click click of the camera? Or notice someone pressed against the side of the booth? Keep your eyes open people. Notice your surroundings!

loco resident

I know that on my digital camera I can turn the shutter sound off and it is completely silent, so no. They probably didn't hear the camera.


COME ON PEOPLE !! Who among us hasn't wanted to do this at some point in their lives? Besides. What he really should have done was figure out how to conceal a small camera at the foot of the tanning bed to get the best view


For god's sake GET A LIFE. It was a QUESTION you nazi nimrods. Sorry if the single question mark at the end didn't tip you off. Look up the word "question" and while you're at it, look up "integrity" If you had any you wouldn't abuse your admin rights for personal reasons. Shame on you




A peeper in Fremont, Ohio?

What punishment did this Ohio BCI agent get for making women disrobe for taking a lie detector test?

Your Ohio BCI agent hard at work?


I am sorry, I would have been the FIRST one to yell I am not taking my clothes of for this. Are people just that gullible ?

Tool Box

And yet another ketchup drinker goes to jail!


Like you comment Toolbox... LOL.


Are these "civil" cases?


There's hot chicks in Fremont? Could've fooled me.

Clark W. Griswald

Never been to club rog?


And he has the nerve to be proud of himself......weirdos EVERYWHERE!


Weird comments and creepy creeps every where, beware ladies.


This story has revealed how many freaks we have amongst us. The comments on here by some are just as disturbing. Wow! I mean there is an adbundant amount of women that would be happy to spend time with a man. You don't have to trick them or be a creepin tom. I wonder if Castro in Cleveland started out as a peepin tom?


Boy,now that is hard up !

2cents's picture

Yea, get a life and a girlfriend Casey. Have her prance around naked, but realy, it is probably more of an adventure trip rather than the pics he gets!


Another Fremont scumbab. If they aren't stabbing or shooting one another they go into peeping.