Sandusky man pleads down to manslaughter

18-year-old apologizes; gets five years in prison for fatally stabbing his uncle in December inside a Clinton Street home
Jun 7, 2013



“I just want to apologize to my grandma and grandpa. I apologize, I can’t take it back,” said Tre’vonte Adcock, as he made his final statements Thursday morning in court.

His sentencing marks the end of his trial, but for his family, the ordeal is far from over. 

Family members filled the courtroom benches at the hearing, standing to show support when defense attorney Jeff Whitacre asked for leniency. 

“We love you Tre’vonte,” his family members said as he was escorted from the courtroom.

Adcock stabbed his uncle, Jared Rhodes, 24, on Dec. 15 in what began as a play fight, but quickly escalated into a brawl. He stabbed him twice in the abdomen and once in the upper thigh with a 4-inch butterfly knife, a police report said.

It was Adcock who called 911 for help that night. He admitted drinking alcohol the night of the incident, and reiterated at Thursday’s hearing that he did not remember much of what happened.

He accepted a plea deal last month, knocking down his charge to voluntary manslaughter. He will serve five years in prison, with the possibility of early release.



Only in sandusky you can get away with murder! 5 years for taking a life?? Wow is all I can say!


Wrong! It's not just Sandusky


The judge in this case should be sent to prison!!! He will serve five years in prison, with the possibility of early release. AMAZING TO SAY THE LEAST!!!

entitled to my ...

I know this isn't gonna be a popular comment, but I wonder if prison is really the answer for this young man. I realize he killed someone, but prison won't help him. I don't really know what other options there were. At 18 if he is already having blackouts from drinking, he has major issues with alcohol. Just sayin, maybe there were other options other than prison that would have helped this young man straighten his life out and become a productive member of society.


And they wonder why the crime rate is so high ~ 5 years in jail, long enough to get a govt funded degree, health care, 3 square meals a day and hey ~ if he plays nice, he gets to go home and enjoy his family.

he said she said

I am Jared's aunt and I am not happy with this verdict!! Jared was taken from us too soon and his killer gets 5 years and can come back to wreak more havoc on someone else's life. He'll be 23 if he serves the whole sentence; Jared was 24 when he was taken from us.

His family is blaming everyone--SPD, SFD, the hospital ER, the surgical team, the ICU and even Jared for his death. STOP IT!! If Tre had not stabbed Jared, my nephew would not have had to be in contact with the SPD, SFD, the hospital ER, the surgical team, or the ICU. Put the blame where it belongs: Tre's lap!

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Re Jared's Aunt: So sorry for your loss!

he said she said

thank you entitled. this is what I have of Jared: a Happy Birthday Aunt....and a hug. 6 hours later I'm in the ER with his pregnant girlfriend, her kids that he saw as his own, my sons (Jared and my two sons were like 3 peas in a pod). None of us could see him, none of us could whisper in his ear that those of us that mattered were there. 4 hours surgery and then straight to ICU. The next time I saw my nephew, he was dead in the ICU....

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I can't even begin to imagine your pain! I pray that someday you will find it in your heart to forgive the young man who took your beloved nephew's life. God will help you get through this!
May Jared Rest In Peace....




I'm sure they took in consideration it started out as a play fight and that the weapon was a 4 inch butter knife. LOL! Hard to figure that there was a real intent to kill. You might not agree but it's within the paramaters of the law. Unless your above the law....


Contact your legislators to get the law changed or have a coke and a smile.


A butterfly knife has an edge and a butter knife doesn't you mental midget


How can this guy get 5 years for killing someone, and Dr. Baumgartner is still in jail? There is a real story / investigation for the Register to do.


"How can this guy get 5 years for killing someone, and Dr. Baumgartner is still in jail? There is a real story / investigation for the Register to do."

I have put a lot of time and effort into the jailing of political activist Dr. Baumgartner. She was punished by the powers that be for trying to expose the corruption in corrupt Ohio. The Sandusky Register is too chicken sh!t to go up against the entire state of corrupt Ohio.

I have a lot of information about the powers that be in corrupt Ohio.
The Sandusky Register should do a story about Elsebeth Baumgartner.

What did Dean Henry find?
"Attorney Dean Henry of Tiffin has agreed to handle a complaint filed by Oak Harbor resident Elsebeth Baumgartner. Defiance County Prosecutor Jeff Strausbaugh, who was appointed last month, recently withdrew from the case.

The complaint alleges that some Benton-Carroll-Salem school members and county law enforcement officials, including county Prosecutor Mark Mulligan, have been involved in cover-ups and corrupt activity. All have denied the accusations."

Julie R.

I, too, would like to see an article on Elsebeth Baumgartner and how the corrupt clowns from Erie, Ottawa and Cuyahoga County put her in prison for 8 years using the excuse she called some corrupt old rent-a-judge corrupt. What's everybody so afraid of, anyway? Those jokes at the Erie County courthouse never scared me --- not even when they threatened to throw me in jail (???) for requesting records from a Huron insurance agent (and his dirty company) after the agent tried to tell me that all of my deceased mother's 9 contracts "had been cancelled due to lack of payment" during the eleven months she was in a nursing home.

Go for it, SR. Let's see an article on Baumgartner and why she's still in prison.


I too doubt the SR will do anything on this, there is a reason she is still in jail. That reason is to silence her. Make her disappear, out of sight out of mind. There are only a few left that even mention her, or remember her fight. That is exactly what that wanted, create a fearful state.

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Bye Tre, your other buddy gets out next year, maybe you will run into him at the big house and swap stories!