Women brawl at school

Both arrested after punches fly inside classroom then later at police station.
Jun 6, 2013

By Courtney Astolfi

Two women brawled inside the Sandusky police station Wednesday afternoon after one punched the other’s daughter in her middle school classroom earlier in the day.

Elaine Parker, 31, of the 900 block of W. Adams St., and Jessica Jones, 29, of the 1100 block of E. Parish St., were both charged with assault and disorderly conduct.

Just before 9 a.m., Parker entered a Sandusky Middle School classroom and began yelling at a girl her daughter has had problems with, according to a police report. 

Parker allegedly punched the 13-year-old in the face, grabbed her neck and put her in a headlock, and the girl returned several punches before teachers stepped in to break up the fight, the report said.

After the girl told her mother, Jessica Jones, about the attack, Jones then met with police in the school’s office. She told them she would take care of the matter herself, the report said, but officers told her to let them handle it. They also warned her she’d be arrested if she went to Parker’s home to start problems.

A while later, Jones caught wind that Parker was being charged at the police station on Meigs Street. She headed there and, finding Parker in the lobby, promptly began assaulting her, the report said. 

The two brawled for a bit, nearly knocking portraits off the wall before officers rushed out to break them up, the report said. They arrested Jones and took her to the Erie County jail, where she remains without bond. Parker was served her charges and released on bond.



I see the Register NAZIS are back at it again. Nothing lower than abusing ones power to silence unpopular opinions presented within the guidelines of the rules.

For example, posting stats that indicate why the ALLEGED offender ALLEGEDLY pictured was more likely to do this based on FACT and DATA, not stereotypes or racism

IN 2011, back when gas was $3.75 a gallon and OBama was president, the FBI/DOJ REPORTED that AFRICAN(americans) were responsible for 50% of the murders that year and 50% of overall violent crime.

Per the 2010 US Census, blacks are 12.5% of the US population.

12.5% of the population committing 50% of the MURDERS and VIOLENT CRIME is something that even racist white-haters can't hide by reporting this objective, factual sourced post.

In fact, I SUBMIT that the ONLY RACISTS WHO HATE BLACKS ARE THE ONES WHO REPORT and the moderators who DELETE these legitimate posts


90%of the victims of violent crime BY blacks are FELLOW BLACKS.

A drastic reduction in BLACK VIOLENT CRIME would overwhelmingly benefit BLACKS.


EASY. the ones who want this information hidden, blocked and deleted, just because it upsets their imaginary view of the world.

So MODERATORS, and other posters, when cause these leigitmate, fairly presented posts to be deleted YOU ARE ENABLING THE DEATHS OF BLACKS


AMAZING! I looked at the FBI/DOJ website again today and all the data showing that an excessive level of violent crime is perpetrated by AFRICAN(americans) is still right there !! Even after my factual objective posts were deleted for obvious personal reasons and not violations of the rules, by moderators abusing their authority, THE FACTS REMAIN UNCHANGED!

FYI, FACTS can NOT be "racist". FACTS are not stereotypes, by definition.

For example, it is one of the most simple INDISPUTABLE facts regarding the violent crime epidemic in America, the racial breakdown of the VIOLENT OFFENDER population in US prisons.

PEr the FBI/DOJ report on Prison OFfender Characteristics, 50% of CONVICTED VIOLENT OFFENDERS in prison are AFRICAN(american)

And for those who think this is somehow a racist post, here are the stats for WHITES and HISPANICS,

Hispanic-Whites make up the next largest groups nationwide at 25%, followed by Non-Hispanic Whites at 20% and "OTHER" at 5%

The racial breakdown of the US is the opposite, 65% are Non-HIspanic White, 18% are Hispanic-White and 12% are black.

HOW can 12% of the population be 50% of VIOLENT OFFENDERS IN PRISON?

Better yet, tell me how aksing that question is racist?

Nothing in this post is an attack on any group or race. No stereotyping. Nothing racist since facts cannot be racist.

No legitimate ethical reason to delete this post even though it presents FACTS that most don't want to hear and most think that destroying the message and the messenger somehow makes it all go away.

There are several good studies out that have compared a variety of factors as predictors of violent crime levels in cities, small, medium and large.

Smaller cities are less predictable due to small sample sizes

However, in medium to large cities/metro areas, one of the most accurate correlations was between the percentage of the community that is AFRICAN(american) and the levels/amountof violent crime per capita, typically per 100,000.

Correlations which are typically expressed as R-squared run between .90 and .98. 1.0 is perfect correlation.

No other factors examined came even close across all med-large cities

dorothy gale

What confuses me is why the woman who assaulted a MINOR is not in jail, yet the other
woman is being held without bond?! It seems to me that an adult punching a child in the face is the more egregious crime.

The General

Damn baby got back...


See what happens when public education is dumbed down, and moral standards are lowered? This is the 3rd generation since it went downhill, there's no reason for surprise with this animalistic behavior.