Women brawl at school

Both arrested after punches fly inside classroom then later at police station.
Jun 6, 2013

By Courtney Astolfi

Two women brawled inside the Sandusky police station Wednesday afternoon after one punched the other’s daughter in her middle school classroom earlier in the day.

Elaine Parker, 31, of the 900 block of W. Adams St., and Jessica Jones, 29, of the 1100 block of E. Parish St., were both charged with assault and disorderly conduct.

Just before 9 a.m., Parker entered a Sandusky Middle School classroom and began yelling at a girl her daughter has had problems with, according to a police report. 

Parker allegedly punched the 13-year-old in the face, grabbed her neck and put her in a headlock, and the girl returned several punches before teachers stepped in to break up the fight, the report said.

After the girl told her mother, Jessica Jones, about the attack, Jones then met with police in the school’s office. She told them she would take care of the matter herself, the report said, but officers told her to let them handle it. They also warned her she’d be arrested if she went to Parker’s home to start problems.

A while later, Jones caught wind that Parker was being charged at the police station on Meigs Street. She headed there and, finding Parker in the lobby, promptly began assaulting her, the report said. 

The two brawled for a bit, nearly knocking portraits off the wall before officers rushed out to break them up, the report said. They arrested Jones and took her to the Erie County jail, where she remains without bond. Parker was served her charges and released on bond.


Left Sandtown

Down goes Parker,Down goes Parker!I say 3rds out back,loser pays Heavy Fine and court cost,also sell tickets for the event.Donate the $$$$$ to a good cause.Bless your Children.

Free Man

Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Personal attacks (including: name calling, presumption of guilt or guilt by association, insensitivity, or picking fights).


Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Personal attacks (including: name calling, presumption of guilt or guilt by association, insensitivity, or picking fights).

Erie County Resident

They want to take care of it themselves then take them out in the parking lot and let them have at it. When they are done arrest them both for felony assault and brazen stupidity.


Because society needs a paper trail on these beasts to finally put them where they belong, behind bars


The first woman should not have been able to access that class, and assault a minor..!


Hmm well I think I would've done the same thing. Why would a grown adult walk into the middle school and attack a 13 year old!! If I was that girls mother I would've been irate too. That's bs and now because she was defending her daughter from the attacker she sits in jail without bond while the attacker of a child runs free. There is no justice ever and how messed up a grown women got entrance to the school to find a kid to attack her!!


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She wasn't defending her. Defending her would have happened at the time of the attack but she wasn't there. She was pissed and sought revenge by attacking her. I think we all would have been angry enough to do something like that but most of us are mature enough to let the police and courts handle because ending up in jail would not do our child or families any good.


Some people in America lack control over IMPULSIVE VIOLENT BEHAVIOR. The problem is that those blinded by POLITICAL CORRECTNESS are also blind to the types of behavior that are inherent to certain people.

When those people move into a neighborhood of civilized people most of the existing residents who are BLIND to the nature of some people, proudly welcome the new VIOLENCE-PRONE "people" moving in.

SMART people recognize that the neighbors who are blinded by political correctness will tolerate the violence-prone people moving in.

So the SMART PEOPLE MOVE OUT. Guess who moves in? More people like the VIOLENCE-PRONE ALLEGED OFFENDER pictured here, race notwithstanding.





If needed erect a tall lower case letter "t" for TOLERANCE and light it to celebrate diversity


"The Lord is my shepherd; He know what I want. Ms. Parker, Ms. Parker!!"
Bernie Mac
This is all part of the "U wrong me, I'll get U back" society that we live in, sponsored by Jerry Springer & his ilk.


I made a comment that said, #1 reason, why my kids would never have gone to Sandusky Schools. I graduated from there and loved it, but with the continuing violence there, I just couldn't justify it. Kudos to those that do. When you need 3-4 police officers escorting referee's off the basketball court for their safety, that is a huge problem. Not saying where I live there isn't some violence, but nothing like that goes on where I live, just down the road!


SO TYPICAL. Like they say, a PICTURE is worth a THOUSAND WORDS. Or in some cases just ONE.


This shows what happens when people don't stand up for their neighborhood and cities. Certainy types of people MOVE IN and good people MOVE OUT knowing the violence they will bring with them.

DOUBT IT? VISIT LIMA to see what happens to a GOOD SMALL COUNTRY OHIO TOWN that is connected to a drain coming from DETROIT. (I-75)


Sandusky and all the surrounding towns have been becoming Lil' Detroit ( or Lima - if you prefer ) for quite a few years now. And it's only going to get worse.

BTW these two females had their mug shots on Channel 13 :)


Im surprised the racist white-hating moderators allowed our two posts to stay consider that most get deleted NOT for breaking the rules but for being unpopular or against the PERSONAL views of the moderators


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Why becuz he says what we're all thinking?? It's reality, deal w it!


What's with this "we" crap, WhyRweHere? You gotta mouse in your pocket?


No, but my ancestors did own slaves

dorothy gale

Why does that not surprise me?

Simple Enough II

To bad Dave Chapell doeswn't have his show anymore, this would make a good "Keepin it real" skit!

Simple Enough II

Double post.

Common Sense

Such a sad day! Here we are, pointing fingers at the school and at young mothers. Can we really just set the record straight and identify the real cause? These two "mothers" have rage issues and are passing that trait on to the next generation. This is what we have to look forward to in the coming years. One has to wonder what those children face at home if their "mothers" act like this in public.


Just another example of why no one wants to live in that toilet bowl of a city....adults assaulting children....in the lobby of a POLICE STATION???? Really??? These people don't have rules, this woman may spend a couple days in jail MAYBE....for her to do this shows they play by their own rules, and it's exactly why no one wants to live near them, we'll no NORMAL person....what a joke that these low life people get to breath the same air as upstanding citizens

44870 South

I love Sandusky. I think its a great town. Don't let a few degenerates spoil it...(ok well, more than a few) but still, there are more good people than bad. If good, pro-active people would just take over the city's neighborhoods, then the trash would eventually leave or stay in there houses. I don't know why people take on the flight syndrome and want to give these kind of people the platform (and the lake views!) - take back Sandusky!! If we do, they will go away...or at least conform...that's how you get neighborhoods and cities to turn around - Standing your ground.


Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Personal attacks (including: name calling, presumption of guilt or guilt by association, insensitivity, or picking fights).


It is sad that this whole story has to turn into district bashing, town slandering, and name calling on behalf of the sensible, mature, and respectable citizens that live in the city of Sandusky. This is a great city with a great school district, and if it is so bad to live in, people need to move and pay taxes where they send their children to school and feel safer then. The only thing is...Perkins is still in the city of Sandusky and the same situations happen there as they do in Sandusky (like the gentleman brandishing the gun in the backyard of the elementary school in Perkins). The citizens of Port Clinton, Huron, Norwalk, etc., comes to the city of Sandusky to work, eat, shop, etc., but people always seem to want to bash the city over the unfortunate behaviors of others. This is not about a school district, but about an immature so-called woman who lacks the common sense and moral values to even have children, and her unthinkable actions of going into a school to confront someone elses child. That is one of the most unimaginable acts of parenting and motherhood that can even be conceived. This woman is to blame! Point blank and simple! People are always quick to say what someone else should have done, but the Sandusky Register should have had this Parker ladies picture posted so we all can know who she is, not the Jones lady. The ignorance of the Parker lady is the culprit of this whole fiasco, and other students, the school, the community, the district, and the city of Sandusky should be left out of the blame game. I agree that we need to take back our streets and our neighborhoods and make this the loving and safe city it always has been. It's mothers like that Parker lady that has tainted our world in which we live and make this world a scary place to live.


"It's mothers like that Parker lady that has tainted our world in which we live and make this world a scary place to live."

That is a VERY ACCURATE statement. And as more people like that Parker lady move into small towns, the more you will see behavior like this and far, far worse.

Doubt it? Take a walking tour of some of the new "poor" areas of Lima some night to see what awaits those who stand by and do nothing as questionable elements move into good solid upstanding neighborhoods and bring their violent tendencies with them.