Women brawl at school

Both arrested after punches fly inside classroom then later at police station.
Jun 6, 2013

By Courtney Astolfi

Two women brawled inside the Sandusky police station Wednesday afternoon after one punched the other’s daughter in her middle school classroom earlier in the day.

Elaine Parker, 31, of the 900 block of W. Adams St., and Jessica Jones, 29, of the 1100 block of E. Parish St., were both charged with assault and disorderly conduct.

Just before 9 a.m., Parker entered a Sandusky Middle School classroom and began yelling at a girl her daughter has had problems with, according to a police report. 

Parker allegedly punched the 13-year-old in the face, grabbed her neck and put her in a headlock, and the girl returned several punches before teachers stepped in to break up the fight, the report said.

After the girl told her mother, Jessica Jones, about the attack, Jones then met with police in the school’s office. She told them she would take care of the matter herself, the report said, but officers told her to let them handle it. They also warned her she’d be arrested if she went to Parker’s home to start problems.

A while later, Jones caught wind that Parker was being charged at the police station on Meigs Street. She headed there and, finding Parker in the lobby, promptly began assaulting her, the report said. 

The two brawled for a bit, nearly knocking portraits off the wall before officers rushed out to break them up, the report said. They arrested Jones and took her to the Erie County jail, where she remains without bond. Parker was served her charges and released on bond.



I agree, she should not be allowed on school property again for any reason.


that's not a middle school, that's a zoo. An experiment that went bad. Whose in control there??? No way I'd send my kid to that chaos...


You are 100% correct!! That's a mini prison it's certainly not a place where kids get an education.... I feel bad for the kids who really want to learn, sandusky schools need to stop worrying about these students and patents who are a cancer to the good kids but God forbid you insult the welfare abusers who stay out reeking havoc then goto school to get their rest what a joke, if that city didn't have cedar point it would shrivel up and disappear


So keep your kid where they are!!! This could happen in your so-called safe planet as well. Unfortunately, no school district, community, etc. is exempt from this type of behavior because all cities have these types of insane individuals living in their community. We have to set the examples and continue to teach our children right from wrong by instilling in them the morals and values that young adult who will be a productive member of any community in our society. You should always watch what you say about others because you never know what unfortunate situations your children, your children's children or even a loved-ones child could be up against...even in a safe environment as school or church.

Free Man

I hope that doesn't effect her job at nasa plumbrook.
she should have stayed in oak harbor. !




Why does a 29 year old woman have a 13 year old child!!!??? Really!!!???


It happens. Deal with it.



If I wasn't supporting this nonsense through entitlement I could care less. Take them both off the "free" government money.

Just dealt with it.


How do you know they are on entitlements. They both do have a job so lets get off this entitlement bs. Im tired of seeing you always bring up entitlement get over it every dam* person is not on entitlements.


Unfortunately it does, and no one should be judged on that!


Old enough to go to the grocery store, old enough to get bread (bred). Sad but true.


Having a child at a young age does not always mean that they will be on welfare and living off the system, that is a big stereotype. I had my son when I was 16yrs old, I started working at age 13 and have always worked. I only have one child who is about to be 15 I have a great job and he is a very respectable young man. He is a honor roll student, plays in sports, and does not get into trouble. So again what age you have your child at does not determine how well you will do in life.


Agreed! My son too was an honor student and was a member of the National Honor Society. I am very proud of him and love him very much. It's not about entitlements, race, age or anything else except personal responsibility. She was wrong but I have seen worse behavior at a little league game!

swiss cheese kat

roll on big O, get theM folks on welfare.


What exactly does that mean??^ Do you even know? You are already cowering behind your screen name so at least be brave enough to say what you actually mean COWARD!


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Your attempts to start a big fight about race are being ignored. Give it a rest!


The 13 year old is most likely the youngest of 5 more this birther birthed.


Agreed OHIOHOOSIER76...the age of the mother does not matter. There are plenty of young mothers who don't raise idiots. first I have to say, the reason there were parents at the school in the classrooms on this day was because of the eighth grade graduation. Once it was over, you were allowed to take your child home. I have been to the school and their protocol is to have the child come to the parent in the office, just like any other school. Second, this is a school, not a zoo, and how dare you anti-sanduskian for saying such a childish comment. It's people like you that need education on how to handle what comes out of your mouth! If you are "ANTI-SANDUSKY" then why even post your comment on a Sandusky newspaper? The school does need some stricter guidelines, but we can't change what we don't acknowledge. There are dumb parents everywhere you go, no way around it. After attending the honors program at Sandusky Middle School, I witnessed a lot of talented young adults being recognized for their accomplishments. My child being one of them. Not every child in a school system is going to be an angel, nor are the parents. I have seen PLENTY of ridiculous parents in "neighboring" schools" act just as bad or worse. I just don't know why everyone has something smart to say when it comes to Sandusky. Trust me, I think things here have gotten much worse, but we as the residents of this city have to change it.


BTW..in NO WAY am I sticking up for this woman, what she did was TOTALLY wrong! And if I was the mother of that child she struck, I am not sure I would have done anything different myself.


Just wanted to say , Good for you bmmct1906! I agree wholeheartedly! My children attended and graduated from Sandusky and now I have grandchildren attending! Most of the students are well-behaved, intelligent children, as in every school there are going to be bad eggs, students and parents.

44870 South

Agreed. I attended both the honors awards program and the graduation. Both were quite impressive. The good always out weighs the bad. Its too bad the negative is what gets the attention.


Cluelessness like that gets people like you and the one you responded to 6 ft under. Things like the one pictured here are just one wrong move by you to reacting with murderous rage

44870 South

I hope they have to pay for the portraits they knocked off the walls at the police station...


And these are the type of people having kids like rabbits. All in favor of a mandatory IQ test before being allowed to have a child say I.


I attended Sandusky High School and it was one of my best experiences ever. I've compared the time there to other schools thru the US and it wasn't subpar. I now work as a engineer for AT&T and I attribute the career oppurtunity to my start at SHS. Trust me. It's not the school. There are bad elements everywhere.


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Ill explain it to you again, Skippy. 2011 is the most recent year available for crime data as last year, 2012 is not collated and analyzed yet by the DOJ Bureau of Justice Statistics. If you have some PROOF that 2011 is massively differnt than 2013, provide it or shut up