Women brawl at school

Both arrested after punches fly inside classroom then later at police station.
Jun 6, 2013

By Courtney Astolfi

Two women brawled inside the Sandusky police station Wednesday afternoon after one punched the other’s daughter in her middle school classroom earlier in the day.

Elaine Parker, 31, of the 900 block of W. Adams St., and Jessica Jones, 29, of the 1100 block of E. Parish St., were both charged with assault and disorderly conduct.

Just before 9 a.m., Parker entered a Sandusky Middle School classroom and began yelling at a girl her daughter has had problems with, according to a police report. 

Parker allegedly punched the 13-year-old in the face, grabbed her neck and put her in a headlock, and the girl returned several punches before teachers stepped in to break up the fight, the report said.

After the girl told her mother, Jessica Jones, about the attack, Jones then met with police in the school’s office. She told them she would take care of the matter herself, the report said, but officers told her to let them handle it. They also warned her she’d be arrested if she went to Parker’s home to start problems.

A while later, Jones caught wind that Parker was being charged at the police station on Meigs Street. She headed there and, finding Parker in the lobby, promptly began assaulting her, the report said. 

The two brawled for a bit, nearly knocking portraits off the wall before officers rushed out to break them up, the report said. They arrested Jones and took her to the Erie County jail, where she remains without bond. Parker was served her charges and released on bond.



this may sound bad, and I am not a person who gets into fights.... but if you punch my 13 yo child... I'm going to beat your a**. What kind of adult punches a 13 year old in school?

There you go again

Yep, this is what are children are growing up with at home. Way to show your child a positive mother image.

Raoul Duke

I need the exact address so I can move into the rental right next door.

There you go again

Yep, this is what are children are growing up with at home. Way to show your child a positive mother image.


And I want to hear from the school.... how was this lady allowed in the classroom during school hours? She could have had a gun or knife! Is this school not secure?? I cant even get into my kids school during school hours without buzzing and speaking to the office staff first!

VTX Rider

Good point!


I was wondering the same thing. Why was this mother allowed into the classroom? She should have been kept in the office and her child brought to her. It could have been worse. However, both of these women are more immature that a lot of the kids.


The school is secured and you do have to be buzzed in but obviously after buzzing her in no one payed attention where she went and sounds to me like the only way she would've known where this kid was is by her daughter who was probably texting her, when cell phones where suppose to have been banned from the middle school.


I agree, how is this "mother" getting into the school? Reason #1, why my children would never have gone to Sandusky City Schools, and I'm an Alumni! Way to much violence. When parents are coming into the schools and hitting children. Come on! All visitors should report to the office and if they don't, seriously? Shame on this school for allowing this to happen and DO NOT BLAME the police, as residents always do!!!!


indiansfanforever: It amazes me how you can cheer on the Sandusky City Schools for your wonderful education that made you such a great person, but in the same breathe bash the district and won't send your children there. If it wasn't for open enrollment, your children would be going to the Sandusky City Schools and getting the same great education that you received. It's time out for bashing the district on count of the ignorant and immature mothers like this mother. It is the politician that passed the law that "ALL" children has the right to a "free and public" education, so all the Sandusky City Schools is doing is obeying the law by offering this Parker lady's daughter a free education in a public system, and she chose to go to the school and degrade herself in such an immature and childish manner. Stop always blaming the school system!!!

Kottage Kat

Exactly the questions I have. The school has a responsibility to keep children safe and in this instance they " dropped the ball ".



Kottage Kat: How can you say that the school "dropped the ball"? If you want to go to the police department, hospital, or in this matter...the school to see your child, you have that parental right to do so. It's about following the rules and policies that are outlined for parents, visitors, etc. Everyone is buzzed in. You can't just walk into that building or any other school building in the district. How was the staff to know that this simple-minded woman was going to go and find this other student and do what she did? If they knew and could have prevented it before it happened, do you actually think they would not have taken measures to stop her from doing so? Come on...give me a break! Drop the ball!!! This so-called immature woman is solely to blame for her actions and her daughter is going to demonstrate that same types of behaviors when she becomes an adult because of her witnessing what she did. This Parker lady needs to be locked up for very long time and banned from any public school or city event. Not blaming the school! Really???


I am with Kottage Kat on this one.... You should have to be buzzed in... stop at the office and state your business and then the child should come to the office.... not you walk around the school and do whatever you want. We trust the schools to keep our children safe while they are there... and the school did "drop the ball" Like I said previously this woman could have come in armed


Entitlement generation ?

Simple Enough II

Probably spot on with that comment.


The "Y" Generation.

BULLISDEEP's picture

The Y me work ,everything is free ,if you know how to work the system

Kottage Kat

P.S. if I were a parent I would be wanting some answers. Where is the liability on this one?



These "ladies" have a job?


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your master

Absolutely right if you are there and someone is assaulting your child you can do whatever you must to end the assault and protect your child what you cannot do is hunt that person down later after the fact and then assault them you must let the courts take over




This shows just how vulnerable students are at school. If a parent can walk into school go straight to a classroom and assault a student, that is unacceptable. The school has a duty to keep the students safe. Something went wrong here and it needs to be fixed.


Such a sad show of parenting. THIS is what's wrong with our country. Parents acting worse than children. Too bad we can't license people to have children..


I agree - but it also is just showing the children how to behave. Kids learn with they live. If they see stupid acts of violence that's what they're going to think is ok and carry it on in their own lives.


Have respect for yourself and teach your children the same by example. Unfortunately,this doesn't seem to be the case anymore. What a shame.


(Too bad we can't license people to have children..)

We do, it's called an EBT card, endless funds to make endless babies!


AMEN!!! Make sure that all learn how to get on their backs and put their ankles behind their head

Simple Enough II

So true.


What we have here is an "Assault Mommy" we need to ban these, in our schools & in our lives. Nobody needs or has any use for an "Assault mommy" : )