Groper suspect arrested

Erie County Sheriff deputies charged a 70-year-old man with sexual imposition after he allegedly inappropriately touched a 16-year-old girl inside hotel lobby.
May 20, 2013


The incident reportedly occurred just before 1 a.m. Sunday at Sawmill Creek Resort off U.S. 6

The accused — Paul T. Malloy, 70, Canfield — has a court date for 8:30 a.m. Tuesday in Huron. Erie County’s jail roster doesn’t show Malloy incarcerated as of late Sunday night.

A sheriff deputy interviewed the girl, who recalled the situation supposedly starting when Malloy asked how she and her mother were doing inside the lobby. The man then kept commenting how “hot” she was.

Malloy then put his arm around the girl and asked “would your mom mind,” according to a related sheriff report. 

When the girl tried escaping, Malloy allegedly brushed her rear end firmly with an open hand. The girl finally got away from the man and told her mother what happened.

Malloy denied inappropriately touching her.

A deputy then reviewed surveillance footage and wrote “in the video, you can see Malloy put his arm around (the victim). You then see Malloy’s hand move across (her) buttocks. Malloy is then seen standing very close to (the victim) and appears to have the back of his hand touching (her) buttocks.”



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Raoul Duke

What were they all doing in the lobby at 1am?

Señor Clown

I hope that poor girl's buttocks are okay!


70 years old-effing disgusting!


So lucky that wasn't my 16 y.o. she would've decked him then handed him over to me! I'm alot more scary than most men out there!And you can take that anyway you want!

Erie County Resident

I'm with you on this one happy.
My daughter also would have taken him apart like an over cooked piece of chicken.
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Judge: How do you plead?
Malloy: Insanity.
Judge: Insanity?
Malloy: Insanity.
Malloy: I'm just crazy about that stuff.


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Thank you,
It's a revised Cheech and Chong joke.


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Julie R.

If this 70-year-old "dirty old man" (as somebody called him) has never exhibited this kind of behavior before, he might have dementia.

sandtown born a...

He has something


She should have kicked him right between the knees..Bahahahaa