Adcock faces up to 10 years for fatal stabbing

Eighteen-year-old who killed uncle takes a plea deal for a lesser charge.
Jessica Cuffman
May 18, 2013


Tre’vonte Adcock remains in the Erie County Jail, awaiting sentencing on a voluntary manslaughter charge for the Dec. 15 death of Jared Rhodes, 24.

He faces three to 10 years in prison, Erie County prosecutor Kevin Baxter said.

Baxter hasn’t yet decided what he’ll recommend to Erie County Common Pleas Court Judge Tygh Tone.

“The family is kind of split on things,” he said. “The mother of the deceased’s child is pretty adamant about a longer sentence, and we have other family members who want some leniency. It’s a tough family dynamic.”

Adcock stabbed Rhodes twice in the lower left abdomen and once in the upper left thigh with a 4-inch butterfly knife when the two were at a Clinton Street home. Witnesses told police the tussle between the two started as a play fight, then escalated out of control.

Adcock himself called 911 for help. He later admitted to police he had “poked” his uncle.

Before the stabbing, Adcock was caught up in several fights at school and on the streets, as well as a few robberies dating back to 2008, according to police reports.

During his interview with police, he said he’d been drinking the night of the fight and didn’t remember much about what happened.

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yea right

Self-defense?? Who had the knife?? 5 dollars?? All for only 3 yrs great deal.
You can thank Jared's dad for that one... and what will baby k****r get???

There you go again

3-10 years? You've got to be kidding!


Can you murder someone and be out in a matter of months?


I hope not!


I had a really snarky comment to add, but why bother. Our court system is a joke.


3 years?? awesome.

That's part of the problem in this accountability. This cat kills a man and his REWARD is 3 years of FREE room and board....he'll probably eat and sleep better in prison than he ever would have at home. In 3 years, he'll be free to go rape/kill/rob one of my loved ones. God bless the USA!


Damn. If it bothers you that much be a judge instead of sitting and sulking. I have a good life to live


I wonder if you would agree with "statealltheway's" comment if one of your loved ones had ever been killed or hurt by someone who had committed a murder and had only spent a couple of years in jail. I am glad you have a life and hope it isn't cut short because someone who "did it before" only got three years.


My point is bit in about it won't help. Your just taking time off your life. Run for office if it bothers you to see if you can do better.


how does it not bother you this guy will be free to do it again in three years you dumb a** that is what is wrong with this country can kill and be free in three that is whack but sell drugs and get fifteen that makes alot of sense


Get s life. I'm going to play golf. I have weapon. Quit wasting your breath and do something about it. Put your guy in office. Or don't you have a one? Lol

Tru Grit

Plea deal.... Wow do any county prosecutors have guts in this town. I think not. Murders don't deserve or have the right for a plea deal with men and women who have guts, Baxter. Resign or grow some.


I understand that Adcock didn't intend his victim to die. But you know what? The victim WOULDN'T have died if Adcock hadn't decided to stab him. Is there some reason that a violent assault results in only three years behind bars? Is there some reason that a man with a documented criminal history gets only three years for yet ANOTHER crime, this one more serious than previous incidents?

We lock people up for crimes that shouldn't even be called crimes, and yet when somebody directly causes the death of another human being they get a slap on the wrist! I know that the fear of jail time doesn't always deter people, but isn't the second best scenario the one where at least they're locked up so they can't get drunk, go violently nuts, and hurt somebody else?

Statealltheway has it exactly right: NO ACCOUNTABILITY (or very little). And without accountability, why take personal responsibility for anything?


I agree Sam. Sometimes I think that Ohio should take up the 3 strikes law like (I think) California has - or maybe it's Nevada. I know it would increase the population of the jails tremendously but maybe it also might get people to start thinking before they start doing stupid crap too!!



art dew...

I'm sure he will get more than 3 yrs. That's the minimum for a 1st degree felony he will probably get rite around 8 or 9 so there's no chance for an appeal. They probably only decided to deal because he called 911 himself. Back in the late 70's my mothers husband shot a man @ a party when they we're drinking and doing w/e drugs they had and because he drove the man to the hospital for it well and the fact that his family paid thousands for a lawyer he got a deal... one hell of a deal he only served 2 yrs for manslaughter and the laws and sentencing guidelines back then were considerably tougher than they are now tenfold.... but hey KARMAS A B!T(H he got in a car accident a few yrs after his release and had to live as veggie for close to 25 yrs before he died


art dew, you said it right! Karma's a B!t(H. It will come back to get him soon enough for what he did! NO matter if he got 25 yrs. Karma gets you when its time no matter what happens!

Our system is a joke! In both Erie and Huron County, and I'm sure everywhere else too. Money does the talking with these crooked lawyers and (uhhumm) "fine" officers of the law. It's not the citizens you have to watch your back for, it's the ones holding titles in your town. Crimes WOULD NOT be as bad if the law would actually do what it is suppose to.

William Jeffers...

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All I can say is that if what they say is true, and he did suffer mental problems , and that can be the truth , the state will not put him to death as its not right they say
I know a person that has killed his father years ago that had problems like what was talk about here and he stabbed his dad to death when his dad was driving him home from work . And that happened many years ago and he is still locked up for the crime
If this person has what you say he does , then the same will apply to him as well
Even though he has a mental problem just not give him a pass or a get out of jail free card , he will be locked up till a Dr says he is sane and then they will send him to prison to pay for his crimes.
We all know that what ever happens , its not going to bring back this person , the only thing is , that it will give the family justice .And thats the only thing that we can get out of this

2cents's picture

Yep, knew he would end up there some day after he ripped off someone I knew 6 years ago!


I don't think the max is longer enough!


Let's face it....there is no value of human life. Our court system is a joke. Plea down, Plea down, Plea down......How about man up!

he said she said

Jared is my nephew. The last time I saw him alive is when he hugged me and told me Happy Birthday. Six hours later one of my kids came in my door hollering get up, Jared's in the hospital. We sat up at the hospital with his preganant girlfriend and her kids until he was out of surgery and was put in ICU. I couldn't go see him because of immediate family only in ICU so the last time I saw my nephew he was dead in the bed in ICU.

Jared's own father told the prosecutors that he needed Tre. WTF? He didn't even need Jared, them two were not as close as he wants everyone to think.

I don't know Tre and I can keep living my life without knowing him. Jared would have lived probably another 40 years and this kid will continue living even after his 3-11 in jail.