Man arrested at gunpoint after high-speed chase

He stops for gas in Sandusky
Shawn Foucher
May 18, 2013


A Lorain man hellbent on self-destruction led police on a high-speed chase through Erie County late Thursday, authorities said. 

Austyn Keaton, 22, was arrested at gunpoint after he stopped at the Speedway gas station on U.S. 250 to fill up his car.       

He remains in the Erie County jail on charges of resisting arrest and fleeing law enforcement officers.  

The Lorain County Sheriff’s Office issued an alert at about 11:45 p.m. Thursday, asking area law enforcement to keep a lookout for a 1997 Pontiac sedan driven by Keaton, who had threatened to commit suicide by cop, according to the Highway Patrol.   

Authorities pinged his phone, tracing the location to Joppa Road. Just before midnight, a Highway Patrol trooper spotted the vehicle headed west on Ohio 2, just west of Huron. 

The trooper immediately gave chase, with Keaton’s vehicle reaching speeds of up to 120 mph, troopers said. 

Near Ohio 101, Keaton got his car turned around and got in the eastbound lanes of Ohio 2, heading east. Perkins police and Erie County deputies joined in the efforts, with a Perkins police officer setting up spike strips to pop the car’s tires, an Erie County deputy’s report said. 

Keaton managed to avoid the spike strips. About 10 minutes after the chase began, the vehicle got off at the U.S. 250 exit and pulled into the Speedway gas station, the report said. 

While one trooper ordered Keaton out of the car at gunpoint, another trooper used his Taser to zap Keaton. He was then arrested after a brief struggle. 

“I assisted Keaton up to his feet and asked him why he had turned into Speedway,” the deputy’s report said. “He stated he needed gas.” 

Keaton was taken to the hospital to have the Taser barbs removed from his body, then he was taken to the county jail. The entire chase spanned about 17 miles.  


Raoul Duke

Hey Jake, I gotta pull over...


Another one..Geez, seems daily around here anymore


Note to self, the next time I am hellbent on self-destruction check the gas gauge before I do it. Un-freakin believable. I guess we should be happy that he decided to patronize a local business.


bet wont say this to my face ill eat u alive!

William Jeffers...

Uh.....if a guy threatens "suicide by cops" then maybe we SHOULDN'T' call them if he has done nothing else wrong. Your welcome!


So which one of these 1997 pontiac sedans will get me over 120mph?? Speed racer here I come!!

Señor Clown

A 1997 Bonneville SSEi, with the supercharged 3.8, was rated at 240 hp and 280 lb/ft torque. They were governed to ~126-128 mph, so I wouldn't be surprised if he had his foot all the way in it, and the computer said "Sorry, that's as fast as we're going to go."


fuck all of you how about that also. i like how theres all these fucking lies in this story making me look like shit. and also how i didnt recevie the help that was orginally initiated all of this how i request that i just want to talk to somebody about how i felt how i didnt want any cops involved becuase everytime i try for help im in cuffs or held at gunpoint jeez im starting to think thats its a crime to feel like things need to fucking end this shit doesnt help at all. the only person who must seem to be able to relate to me here is William Jeffers...
i will say that my same feeling still exsitece i just cant show it because im in fear i will be done worst next time for trying to express my fucking feelings. next time if i decide for a next time to say anything. i be shore to ask the fuckers that made comments about fucking gas in my car to lend me the fucking money to finish my pursuit properly. because apparently things are ruff enough that i feel like it needs to all be ended.
i wonder out this whole experience if anybody was concerned with my true well being. or was this just a night that we the law enforcement got to do something further to harass me. this pain has grown so far now and its to the point im being ate inside out so thank you sandusky register thank you erie county sherrif's office thank you OSP sandusky post. thank you lorain police thank you firelands hospital thank you lorain morning journal thank you trooper perez thank you trooper gree. thank you deputy MCpeak for the knee to the face. thank you deputy knoll thank you anybody else i forgot to mention. thank you for all youve done for this very young man.