Girl who sparked Ging Street beating gets four years

Now 18, she's going to the Ohio Reformatory
Jessica Cuffman
May 17, 2013


About two years after she cracked a man in the head with a pipe to set off a mob-style beating on Ging Street, a Sandusky woman was convicted for her role in the attack. 

The woman, 18, pleaded guilty to complicity to commit attempted murder. The woman was 16 years old at the time of the attack. She was sentenced to four years in the Ohio Reformatory for Women at Marysville. 

In exchange for the plea, Erie County prosecutors dropped charges of complicity to commit felonious assault, inciting to violence and participating in a criminal gang. 

Police found the victim, Rocco Marinucci, lying on Townsend Street near Columbus Avenue at about 11:30 p.m. July 16, 2011. He suffered a serious head injury, a gash to the leg and bruises all over his body. 

After talking with Marinucci’s girlfriend, Amy Barnett, police learned it started when a mob of about 25 teens showed up outside Marinucci’s house at Townsend and Ging streets. The group tried to get Marinucci’s son to fight, but Marinucci came down off the porch instead. 

When the group surrounded Marinucci, the woman circled behind him and hit him in the head with a lead pipe. The rest of the group then jumped on Marinucci and began punching him. One of the attackers bashed Marinucci in the head with a brick, knocking him unconscious. 

Even then, the teens propped him up so others could continue the assault. Witnesses watched in horror as the group then dragged Marinucci’s limp body down the street. 

When police arrived the group scattered, and no arrests were made that night. Marinucci regained consciousness, and paramedics rushed him to Firelands Regional Medical Center. 

There, doctors discovered Marinucci’s brain was bleeding in several spots. In the days that followed, police identified nine of the alleged attackers. Other than the woman, the attackers were all Sandusky boys ages 14 and 15. 

Six have pleaded guilty to their roles in the beating, while a jury convicted another. Only one case remains open. That boy, now 17, is scheduled to stand trial at 8:30 a.m. May 20. 

The woman is scheduled for release in October 2016.



Another slap on the wrist for these animals


Can't even call this TRASH "animals"~animals are much better than that. Should lock her up and throw away the key! She will only get worse! I'm so saddened on what Sandusky has come to! I know it goes on all over the world, but this is just a small little (used to be wonderful) town~where in the world did they all come from???!!!!


4 years at a cost of $200,000 + for this scum.Chain her to a porta potty at the scene of the crime for 30days and let real society deal with her.Then bus ticket to anywhere and then 4 years if she returns to this area.


the 200k may be a bit high depending on her security level. Medium security is right about 35k a year, but i'll check at work tonight and post it if u wish.


Incited a violent riot? Committed an assault so serious that it ALONE could have resulted in the death of another human being? Stood by and did NOTHING to prevent additional violent assault? And she gets FOUR YEARS??? Something's seriously upside down in our "justice" system, and it ain't the criminals!


Lead pipe? They don't make them anymore. Something about poisoning. Also, why not release her name if she is 18?


I agree. Her name should be published if for no other reason that I would like to stay as far away from her as possible. Did the man she attacked live, and if so, what kind of a life does he have? Did he recover completely?


her name doesnt matter , STAY AWAY THEN gosh your so worried about her life do you even have a life of your own yes the man lived and he didnt even wanna press charges so your comments are needed thank you


her name doesnt matter , STAY AWAY THEN gosh your so worried about her life do you even have a life of your own yes the man lived and he didnt even wanna press charges so your comments are needed thank you


the bystanders that stood there and watched r just as guilty for not jumping in and helping the guy that was getting beat up.


This will continue to happen in this town until Baxter starts throwing the book at these thugs instead of making deals with them.

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(hit him in the head with a lead pipe)

Can you still find lead pipe?


you guys have not life why are you commenting on what she does if you werent there to see it with your own eyes please dont speak dont let this register fool you shes not doing 4 years she only got convicted to 18 months, calling her out her name and predicting what she should have got isnt goin to do anythign you guys are just outsiders looking in , half of you guys are ALSO sinners trying to act perfect do something with your lives and take care of your familes before you start bashing her