Hit from behind, robbed

Police scour streets for suspects who pistol-whipped Sandusky man Wednesday morning outside his Buchanan Street home.
May 9, 2013


Firelands Regional Medical Center staff called police at about 12:30 a.m. and said a wounded robbery victim, 57-year-old Ray Grant, walked into the emergency room.
“The left side of his face was noticed to be swollen and a small cut was also noticed under his left eye,” a Sandusky police report said.
Grant told police he was walking along Buchanan Street when, near Shelby Street, he was hit from behind. When he turned, a suspect struck him in the face with a pistol, the report said.
“He said he went down to the ground and the subjects started kicking him asking ‘where’s your money?’” the report said. “The subjects then started going through his rear pockets.”
The robbers grabbed Grant’s wallet, which contained about $418, as well as few payroll checks. Grant then got back to his feet and ran to his house about 100 feet away.
He shut the door and threw the deadbolt, but that wasn’t enough.
The robbers kicked in the door and resumed their attack, delivering several more blows before fleeing. Grant’s neighbor heard the commotion and found Grant lying on the sidewalk. He picked him up and took him to the hospital.
Grant said the attackers were wearing dark clothes and masks, and at least one of them had a gun. Police found no suspects or evidence at the scene.
The robbery came just three days after a Sandusky man was robbed at gunpoint in broad daylight at Nantucket and First streets on his way home from a local pharmacy. The attacker in that incident was about 5-foot-10 and 220 pounds, with short “dirty blonde” hair. He made off with about $20 in cash.
All three suspects remain at large. Anyone with information can call Sandusky police at 419-627-5863.



Bet Mr Grant wishes he had a CCW or a shotgun just inside his house...this is a perfect example of the need for the 2nd amendment....had Mr Grant been armed, especially once he made it back into his home...the robbers may have committed their last mugging! So all those who do not believe in the the right to defend yourself, might want to think twice....especially in this town!

Sharin' Johnson

Buy dat gun! Vote No on da Perk Polece Levy!


Anymore it is a smart move in any town.


it's becoming more and more apparent that it is necessary to own a gun and protect yourself from scum balls like this.


This is why nobody wants to live in Sandusky anymore...

Truth or Dare

You would be amazed at how many people think you need a CCW in order to protect themselves within their homes! Let alone those that believe the 2nd. Amend. doesn't give us the right to personally protect ourselves, that it's reserved for the "militia" only!

Hey SR, how about posting the info. from the Amber alert that just came across T.V., out of Ottawa County regarding 3 males. Not enough time on the air to write down the Oh. lisc. plate # and description of car! let alone info. like names and descriptions of boys!!!!!


I was watching that Amber Alert and didn't even get that much!! All I saw was that there was an Amber Alert out there but there was no additional information out given. No voice over or anything. Thank you for what you've given and I totally agree that I think the Register should give more info out especially since it's so close!!


Check NR. It is out of Putnam county actually for a town named Ottawa.

2006 Chevy HHR with an Ohio license plate number of FNN 5412.

Blake Aaron Romas, 17,
Blaine Romas, 14,
Michael Aaron Fay, 16,

were last seen at midnight at 1570 N. Perry St. in Ottawa.

All three boys are white with sandy blonde or strawberry hair and blue eyes. Blake is 6-foot-1 and 230 pounds. Blaine is 5-foot-9 and 140 pounds. And Aaron is 5-foot-10 inches and 200 pounds.


I wouldn't be surprised if this was drug related collection of some sort. Upon review of Mr Grants criminal records(over 3 pages) he has been charged with many offenses including drug abuse, FORCIBLE ENTRY, Harassing a police dog, resisting arrest(multiple times), tampering with evidence, and property damage amongst many many other things.


you made forcible entry look like a crime it means he went through an EVICTION PROCESS


I think it's terrible that an eviction notice served and taped on a persons door is on someones permanent record as being "Forcible Entry." This implies some kind of force being used to break into a residence. I know people who could not get jobs because of this and an employer assuming it means the above. Who can be contacted to make a change in the way an eviction notice is reported on a persons record?

The Bizness

I live in Sandusky and enjoy it. People want to live here and enjoy living here. I do not own a gun, nor do I want to.

All of you can keep living out somewhere that doesn't offer you the convenience of walking to and from the store, or looking down upon a city but I will enjoy where I live.


Yes, we all know how dazzled you are by the big city aura - you've made that abundantly clear. It's an easy sentiment for a young renter with no skin in the game.

I can walk to everything I need, and I don't need to wear kevlar to do it.

The Bizness

I own my home...


Inside the city limits? Good luck with that. That doesn't help the credibility of your past prognostications here regarding what constitutes a sound investment.


I agree with The Bizness. Why put Sandusky down because there's crime. There's more crime else where. Where's he going to move to? Boston, Newtown, Colorado, Cleveland? If you live in Sandusky then appreciate and enjoy it. If you don't stop acting like it's the worst place in Ohio. It's far from it. It comes a time as citizens that you have to stand up for where you live. Not give in to criminals.


There's WAY more crime than is typical for a town of its size, and that isn't an accident. It's the result of a city government that governs to serve the interests of those who reject the social contract.


Agreed OH-IO!!!!!!!!!

The Bizness

Well you don't know what I paid for my house, and what my ROI will be in the future.

Keep attacking though...its fun to see how much bitterness you have with your own life.

I love Sandusky and all of its problems.


What's the ROI if some thug shoots you in the head one night?

Your last sentence shows how rational you are (not.) You love ALL of Sandusky's problems. You love the crime. You love the blight. You love the shootings. Thanks for clearing that up.

The Bizness

Every city has problems, even where you live so get off your soap box and stop putting down a city people care about.

I have lived in much bigger cities than Sandusky, and know how to stay out of trouble.

BTW there are plenty of ways to deter an intruder without deadly force...




Some cities have more problems than others. As much as you might like it to be true, everything is not exactly equal. I've lived in much bigger cities, too. That's how I learned this. I used to share your bedazzlement with such places and their so-called attractions. I know how to stay out of trouble, too, but I don't confuse that with an assurance that it won't come to me, especially if I decide to live in its midst.

To your credit, you've spoken against the some of the ways Sandusky is governed for the benefit of those who cause the problems. It's my fervent desire that you and others like you can turn the tide, but I'm not going to hold my breath.

The Bizness

Thank you

Cracked Cherry

Inside job. Some one knew he had cash or they wouldn't follow him in the house.

2cents's picture

Yep! Way more to come, a mugger would take the cash and dash!

The Answer Person

and not one person called 911...


Not that it's a crime, but I have to wonder....why was he carrying over 400.00 in his wallet while on his walk? It's not illegal - I know. It's just strange.


maybe he cashed his check and was on his way home?


drivethrus and bars cash paychecks


Truth or Dare is right. You don't need a CCW to own a gun, and you don't need a CCW to use it to defend yourself in your own home.

Meanwhile, The Bizness has every right NOT to exercise his/her Second Amendment rights. If he chooses to be largely defenseless in his own home, that's his choice. If he's fortunate, he'll never find out whether that was a good choice or a bad one — and even with crime on the upswing, chances are reasonably good he WON'T be victimized. I'm just not one to take even the smallest chance, but again, that's a personal decision.

That brings to mind the old joke about tattoos: What's the difference between people with tattoos and people without them? People WITH tattoos don't care that you don't have any! Turns out the same thing's true where firearms are concerned.

I do agree, though, that a handy dandy shotgun would have come in pretty handy when three thugs broke down the door to see what more they could get from their victim! Maybe if home invasions proved to be a capital crime more often, we'd see fewer home invasions...

The Bizness

Well said Sammie A


That was an awful joke.
Did you just make that up?


Nope. Unfortunately, heard it for the first time years ago when I got my first tattoo.


I've met plenty of people WITH them who care, just like there are some small towns down south that legislate mandatory gun ownership. Generalizations about one side of an issue are problematic.


Sounds suspicious.

Kottage Kat

Amber alert info onNR


i will keep my guns and hopefully i will never have to use them. but i would rather be able to protect myself if the need arises. everyone has a choice and this happens to be mine.


Do you people REALLY think it went down just like it is stated? I wonder WHY he did not have a gun! NOT!


Just by knowing Ray im quite shore this did not go down as reported.


I bet that old man wish he spent some time with a krav maga or hapkido instructor after that! haha! Take a gun away from most people and they will wet their pants. Most people shouldn't be able to own a gun in my opinion.