Woman atacks teen for 'talking to her man'

He puts pistol to girl's head when she fights back
Emil Whitis
May 9, 2013


Domenic Esposito, 36, was charged with aggravated menacing and carrying concealed weapons.

Esposito’s girlfriend, Sara Didion, 32, of Sandusky, was charged with felonious assault — she allegedly used a baseball bat to assault the girl.  

The 17-year-old girl walked by the couple’s Warren Street home at about 7:30 p.m. Tuesday and told Esposito she liked his car, a Sandusky police report said. 

“At that time a female, later found to be Sara Didion, came out of the house carrying a baseball bat yelling that (the girl) shouldn’t be talking to her man,” the report said. “Sara then attacked her with the baseball bat striking her in the left hip and behind her left knee.”

Didion then dropped the bat and started punching the girl in the face, prompting the girl to fight back, the report said. When the girl began to get the better of Didion, Esposito allegedly pulled out a Walther P22 pistol and pointed it at her.

“Domenic displayed a pistol and told (the girl) to stop or he would shoot her,” the report said.

The girl obeyed and then flagged down a passing Ford Explorer, as she recognized the driver. She used the driver’s cell phone to call 911.

When police arrived, Didion offered her version of the events. She said the girl said something abrasive, so she went outside with a bat to confront her. Didion told police the girl hit her three times in the face, and Esposito broke it up moments later.

After listening to Didion’s side of the story, police noticed two handguns on the porch at the couple’s home. Esposito denied pulling the gun or making any threats, and he said the girl actually returned in a dark SUV after the fight, which led him to grab his guns, the report said. 

Still, he admitted he had a smaller gun in his pocket when he broke up the fight, the report said. Police determined the couple started the fight, so they hauled them off to the Erie County jail. Esposito remains in jail on about $8,000 bond, while

Didion’s bond was set at $20,000.

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Raoul Duke

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