Six teens caught drinking

Four 18-year-olds and two 17-year-olds from out of town were charged with underage consumption after one of them vomited in a police cruiser early Friday morning.
May 6, 2013


The six were staying in a motorhome parked in a parking lot at a store on Milan Road when the store manager called police because they were shouting at each other.

They started to walk away from the area when Perkins police arrived, and one tried to hide underneath the motorhome, according to a police report.

Each denied drinking, but all tested well over the legal limit to drive (0.08 percent blood alcohol content) on portable breathalyzer tests.

They were charged with underage consumption, and police found several bottles of liquor and beer cans inside the motorhome.

Arrested were two 17-year-olds; Kyle Patterson, 18, Luckey; Joseph Nauman, 18, Luckey; Bradley Radabaugh, 18, Luckey; and James Wolf, 18, Bowling Green.

One of the 17-year-olds was taken to the hospital instead of juvenile detention, after he vomited all over the backseat of a police cruiser and two of his friends who were inside it with him.

After he left the hospital, the boy’s father brought him to the police station, and he was taken to the juvenile detention center.



Think underage drinking makes you tough? Wonder if these kids feel tough now making the paper


They should have their noses rubbed in it. teach them a lesson.

Raoul Duke

The world will now come to an end.


I hope they don't make the paper in the future for something bad. This isn't good. It sounds like the making of the same ol same ol. Starts here and turns into something worst. I hope they don't rob someone.


Really people???? Teens drinking?? Who knew????


I wonder why they haven't made that into a reality show 6 Guys in a camper.


of course nobody that comments on this site EVER drank as a teenager!!!!none of their friends drank.... none of their parents drank.... none of their ancestors drank.......


I will admit I drank as a teenager....but I was also SMART ENOUGH to NOT do it in a parking lot of a STORE! We drank in the woods, out behind the barn, etc....not in "public" and definitely not in a camper in a parking lot!


Amen. And I never puked in a cop car , either.